Russell Interviewing Nikolle about losing her brother

Recorded December 11, 2019 Archived December 11, 2019 04:37 minutes
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This is Russell Paretzky interviewing Nikolle Vollmer who is it in relation to you that you have lost to drugs was it sudden or was there signs of the issue all right there question is how has this changed your outlook on drugs hateful to all drugs even the prescription ones how has this affected your family this affected my family pretty tremendously it broke us and splits apart because my brother lost his battle was there a change in personality after the drugs reduce drug use started the most quiet depressed and paranoid person we've ever seen how's your loved one tried to get help in the past did your loved one realize that there was a problem in his or her actions is there a is drug use common in the family back then when it was only him using it no but now we have a few family members that are partaking in it has there been previous overdoses are there stairs he passed yet she overdosed seven times what kind of actions do you think can be taken in order to prevent this from happening to others honestly I don't really know unless just educate harder and show people like the truth though I do personal going to think of why it won't happen to me why can't I try it so I guess just educate harder all right the next one is what do you believe can we talk to children in order to inform them to not use drugs exactly what can happen not just so drugs are bad hugs not drugs like the absolute honest truth likes they've people will die it's not all fun and games like you should have message rug is there anything you would want to tell people who you are who are in a similar situation as yourself or your loved one don't don't be so negative like they are trying to reach out and it's not something that's lately if they don't want to be like I have a problem so just be there for them to be a supportive don't look down on them don't be negative just be there for them what was what were the first warning signs you notice that made you made you think you loved one may have an issue that's so when I went up went to run up to hug him instead of him picking me up and Swinging me around and giving me like a Nuggie he just kind of tapped my head and kept on walking have people have people had a common reaction to your loss or has there been a multitude of reactions and I feel bad but other people once I find out like in my brothers Hometown like who he was and once they find out they kind of give you a like a hateful like oh that happened kind of look the next one is who has been affected the most by this tragedy have to say probably either my mom or my grandma I was so my mom could lose her child but probably my grandma because my brother lived with her


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