Sarah McMillan and Hannah Vinje

Recorded June 5, 2020 Archived June 5, 2020 40:42 minutes
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Sarah McMillan (53) and her mother, Hannah Vinje (78), center their conversation around the concept of home as they explore the different places they have lived as a family, ways they have both fought for conservation of the environment, and how they have cultivated home in their physical and mental spaces.

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HV talks about her life in Hot Springs, Montana, and her sense of "belonging" there.
SM shares a memory from childhood, of being "wild" and playing outside on land her mother bought.
SM recalls fishing trips as a child.
HV talks about a women's group she led that planted trees in her community. She talks about some her other environmental activism.
SM shares how HV's efforts to conserve the environment have impacted her own career choices.
SM remembers being 5 years old and writing to government officials to put a stop to the hunting of whales.
HV talks about SM's line of work; SM talks about the importance of preservation, not just of species and the environment, but also human lives in today's climate of police brutality.
HV talks about her children and how they have cultivated a sense of home in their lives and their respective homes.


  • Sarah McMillan (b. 1966)
  • Hannah Vinje (b. 1942)

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