Sarah Padgett and Bunny Balbachan

Recorded February 26, 2022 Archived February 26, 2022 38:41 minutes
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Sarah Padgett (25) shares a conversation with Bunny Balbachan (59) about Bunny’s childhood, the different places where she has lived, her family, her faith, her career as a nurse, and the advice she would like to share with others.

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BB talks about her childhood and about her family.
BB remembers her childhood friends and talks about her siblings and parents.
BB talks about her career as a nurse and her experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.
BB talks about growing up in Pennsylvania.
BB talks about her faith.
BB remembers her grandmother and talks about the role she played in BB’s life.
BB talks about her faith, prayer, and how Catholicism has impacted her life.
BB talks about her experience of nursing school.
BB talks about her children, her husband, and their family’s traditions.
BB talks about pollution and health hazards that were present while she was growing up, including gasoline with lead in it.
BB talks about the advice she would like to pass on to future generations.


  • Sarah Padgett
  • Bunny Balbachan

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