Sasha Lewis and Julius Rothlein

Recorded July 13, 2023 Archived July 13, 2023 50:59 minutes
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One Small Step partners Sasha Lewis (45) and Julius "Jules" Rothlein (74) discuss their faith backgrounds, raising a transgender child, and some of the experiences that shaped their political views.

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Sasha Lewis and Julius "Jules" Rothlein share why they wanted to participate in One Small Step.
Jules describes why he is "embarrassed" when people thank him for his military service.
Sasha shares why she left the church while keeping her "faith in God."
Sasha and Jules share where they grew up.
Sasha shares why she misses her "church family."
Jules shares his challenges with being a parent. Sasha shares her experience raising a transgender son. Jules shares his experience with hormone treatment for prostate cancer.
Sasha and Jules shares some of the experiences that shaped how they identify politically.
Sasha describes some of her challenges growing up biracial in an abusive household.
Jules describes his experience helping his daughter exit an abusive relationship.
Sasha and Jules share what they will take with them from this experience.


  • Sasha Lewis
  • Julius Rothlein

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