Sybil Sammons and Don Medley

Recorded December 24, 2004 Archived October 8, 2005 00:00 minutes
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  • Sybil Sammons
  • Don Medley

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00:06 This is Don medley and I'm at the home of my parents and a guy medley. And I'm here with my grandmother. My mother's mother, and I'm here with Fletcher and white wooden. My sister's boys, my nephews. And we're here to talk to grandmother.

00:26 About her life and hear about her history and the the exciting thing she saw through her life and stuff. So Grandma, this is very exciting for me, and I'm very thankful that you're doing yet. So, could you start off by telling us your name and where you're born? And I was born in Dale County in 1912.

00:56 Anime.

00:59 I have.

01:01 Three Stooges, three sisters, and one brother, and we live there. While we were small and we moved to Geneva County, at the Hartford Alabama owner had a farm just four miles from town.

01:17 We live there quite a while. So you grew up on a farm. Yes. We did. What was it like growing up on a farm chickens and eggs.

01:32 A meat. We had everything there. How are you Grandma? 92 years old. That's what time. Do I have to be here? A lot of things past you. In that year. I saw we bought the first little car.

01:54 And I know we've had pretty well things. Fixed on the farm. We had a windmill that pump the water. We had two hydrogen one, or one. Run to the mule Charleston in one more, run to our kitchen.

02:10 What's the you grow up on a farm? What's the earliest memory? You remember? What's if you think back? When your little girl was sort of the was one of the first things you remember, when you were little.

02:25 Give me over any little anything from where you were. I just remember Santa Claus. Come to see us and they didn't bring. He didn't bring things like the children gets today. What did he bring the girls with clothes?

02:42 Did you get any fruit? Only had four oranges? Yes.

02:50 Was that something special to get an orange? Oh, yeah. And go to town and get cheese and such as that cause your head album meat and eggs and lots of things on the phone. Since this is Christmas, is actually Christmas Eve 2004 when were speaking right now. And since you mentioned Santa Claus, what was Christmas like, did you have a Christmas tree? Had Christmas trees and Santa Claus. Christmas Eve, lots of Santa Clauses rode on horses around, to the houses ever. Christmas evening, Christmas, our daddies for Santa Claus, and we thought sure it was a real Sandy.

03:34 So Santa Claus will come riding around on a horse. Saturday evening on Christmas. Eve is when they rode around and we were scared to death when we was little to see all that they stopped at ever house.

03:50 Do they leave gifts to?

03:52 No, I don't think so. We didn't get our still night. But you said you had three sisters and a brother. What were their names?

04:04 Tammy Lyon, Girona

04:08 Ali, Alison.

04:13 Erasing. The boy's name was Rob Robert. So it was if I got the age is right. And your own 8G was the oldest you were s.

04:29 No, Robert with s.

04:32 I don't know. He was me. I asked for me. It was you that was gu Robert and then

04:53 I did, y'all. Did y'all get along when y'all were little kid? Oh, no, just like a bunch of children, you know, we had a little quiet and enforcing all along. What kind of Kit? What can little kid. Were you were you? Well, behaved.

05:12 Did your mom and daddy have to get on to you much?

05:16 Quite a bit.

05:21 Would you play games?

05:27 In the yard with play games.

05:31 And we played two games in the house. We had. I don't remember it. Was there music in the house. So it had a organ, Anna piano.

05:46 And who played those. My only sister we took music took music for a while and my daddy said the one that learned to play the piano.

06:00 My sister didn't take no music. She could hear song and go in and write it off with sister was at. I never knew that before she could write him off yet.

06:18 When y'all were little, what was the, what was the special treat? Like what was what we all really excited about member and probably before my daddy would go to town and bring back a carton of cheese and crackers. And thanks, we couldn't have on the farm, but geez, were the best thing. We got all that sounds really good. We got freaking. Oh, I bet you can't get to you about that anymore. The round hoop cheese while whole big round of it.

07:00 Well.

07:02 Can you tell us a little bit about your parents, tell us their names and what they were like, especially Robert down, but we are by calling bunk. What b u n k bunk.

07:25 That's a beautiful name, Anna.

07:31 How old were they? When they died. One was about 58.

07:37 And one more stab at 56, I get the best. I remember the first about your mother. What do you remember most about her? What was, what was she like? Always need to reduce. She was real heavy and she would always Whistle songs a lot, but sounds like your daughter, my mama, and my daughter face is a lot. I could, I couldn't whistle it all. So was she a happy woman? I always have been saying, did everything. But remember, I remember one time we was making the bed and was turning the mattress, and it dropped off. That's dr. Donat. Oh, and she gave me zero a few little switches. So my sister laughed cuz I was getting it and then she got it also.

08:40 What was your daddy? Like? Oh, he was always so happy he farmed.

08:48 And he'd come home and he'd lie down in the back porch and seeing all the church songs. He went to and didn't have a tune to Alana is just like the saying. Oh, yes, he was saying all all the songs in the song book What did the what did he Farm?

09:11 Peanuts, corn and cotton.

09:15 Wow course, I garden with all things to eat in it and loss of Kane. And so we had plenty of cane syrup. Don't have a Cane Mill. Aware. That was a ladder, you know.

09:32 So later, later on, you got to KML.

09:40 Kane first, I remember

09:44 So, let me ask you about school now.

09:51 What store on 2nd?

09:57 We'll talk about school. Now. Did you enjoy School of first?

10:06 Rat goes to home to the school asked if we was in the sixth grade. What what town was that in Hartford?

10:16 And they were still church and then a cemetery in a school, right. House.

10:22 So we started there, too. We got to the 6th grade and it was at a one-room schoolhouse. Yes, and had two rooms one first grade to the 3rd and the 3rd to the 6th.

10:37 I've always wondered about how teachers talk like that cuz they have one room with all these different grades in it. So how did that work? Do the teacher like work with you individually? Now, she kind of the force and all of us, had the same.

10:54 You know, the fourth grade had their work. She taught that, right? And we was quite, we had to be quiet. I have when she would teach them turns. Would you be working on your studies while she was teaching the other class? So we got to the 6th grade and we had to move to another school. Elementary school that were you a good student in Elementary School 6th grade. I was so smart to be promoted me to the 7th. So I just had a half of 6, 1/2 of 7.

11:34 You know that kind of hurt cuz I should have had all of it. So you did to you to two grades in one year.

11:44 I think the teachers thought I was smart. Did you go? Did you go all the way to 12th grade? Did you? How far did you go to school? 6th grade? We went on the heart for the school and you know, we didn't have buses when we when I started to school and so I could drive the car. I was 12 years old and I could drive the car to school. You didn't need a license to drive. And what kind of car were you drive. We had a Ford.

12:23 Model T. Yes, I guess so. We shouldn't got a Chevrolet.

12:32 I don't know what guy, let me ask you about when you were in school. That would have been some during the time of when World War 1 was going on.

12:43 Over in Europe.

12:46 What? What year were you born?

12:51 War boy, Indian about.

12:55 1918. So I was in

13:00 Yeah. Ours. What year were you born?

13:05 So, you're about 6 years old. Do you remember anything about World War one? We had some kinfolks a lady that nursed over there and when it was over she came and told us, lots of tales about.

13:25 And we expected her to come in for summer and repeat our stories. Remember her name?

13:36 Well, I can't remember right now, those long time ago. Tell us about church. Did you go to church when you were little girl actress the clothes? We had, we went every Sunday. How close was it Tails again at the end? It was about

14:00 Just at the end of our

14:04 Driveway.

14:05 Invalid Drive know the drive to the farm. He was at the end route house with

14:13 Just a little peace at 1:40. So you can walk the dogs been a lot of time at the church.

14:20 Every time it open website and had the preacher to eat dinner every Sunday, you know, so the preacher come by and eat with y'all. Do anything special in the preacher came for lunch, came for dinner. I'm like stay home and cook dinner. I know that. No, we just he just talked to Dad. You know that. What did you? What denomination? What religion did you grow up? And did you have to get baptized?

14:54 Yes, I was baptized when I was about 12 or 13, missing, Graham was a teacher.

15:03 Sunday school teacher, I will Timeless. Do you remember getting baptized? But where, where do they baptize you meal?

15:15 Kilpatrick Neil. And they was Deepwater, you know what? Flows out from there?

15:23 Anna. That's why I'm in the creek. So you got baptized in the creek, was a cold muddy or cold and clear.

15:34 1617 got baptized when I did. So tell us about high school.

15:46 Do you remember any of your classmates?

15:51 Who were some of your friends?

15:53 Well.

15:56 One of my classmates lives here in Dothan near us right now and he's the same age of me. His health is getting bad now. He's a friend of Dad's too.

16:14 Well, you know what he did. He was in my class 1 year, and he would have finished. Yes, teacher. He was such a good ball player. He has a teacher. Could you play stay another year? What kind of ball player? Baseball, or football ball?

16:31 Hartford had a good football team. And so, he stayed another year and he finished with my sister.

16:38 How about that? I tell you when we was in the sixth and seventh grade. We took exams and I passed and she failed so she was old as what I got a head. So you got a head of Angie even though she was older.

16:58 What are your favorite memories of high school?

17:08 Reset in a room that hire winners, but we could stand up and look out. And when is Fairwood come, they would always come by the school and the teacher ahead of time and making it busted down. They would have a parade going down the street. What would be in the parade? Do the elephants elephants?

17:38 Okay. Now, in high school, that's when you start having relationships are being interested in boys. And who was your first boyfriend?

17:49 Lord, I can't remember. I just had friends all over lots of do. Remember those special someone or relationship or boyfriend.

18:01 No, I'm at my husband the year I finished. So you met granddaddy.

18:08 I'd already finished. What was his name? And how did you meet him? One day? I went to get some gas to put in the car.

18:20 I need the map to the gas station and fill my car and work. Was that in Hartford, Alabama? Is that close to Hartford? It's about 2 miles from Hartford 33 miles from clothes. So, when did you fall in? Love with him? I went to give that three or four years.

18:47 You dated for three or four years because he was in that he was in the

18:56 Flower somewhere, he were in.

19:05 Was that was always working with the work projects Administration only works in a bakery in Florida.

19:14 Jason brother. Leo believe he went stayed with his brother about a year. You work in a bakery where he was gone. Then about six months. He was in CC camp.

19:26 Right.

19:30 And I was working. Also, what were you? What did you do after you finish High School?

19:41 We moved from Florida.

19:45 Tool.

19:47 And I got a job in a store there and I work the last of my unemployment.

19:57 But you, when you work with your uncle store, where was that store?

20:03 Hartford Alabama in Hartford, how long what kind of store did he have just passed away. He had everything.

20:14 Do you need to take a break and get some water? It sounded kind of scratchy.

20:20 Let's take a break right now.

20:27 Testing 1, 2 3.

20:31 Testing.

20:33 Okay, we're back with Grandma. It's the day after Christmas 2004 and we're sitting here in Dothan, Alabama. And yes, two days ago. We left off Grandma had told us about school and that she skipped a grade and finished his two grades in one year and also that one ask about graduation and does she remember, what does she? What do you remember Grandma about graduating from high school that we had back in the heart sermon Sunday, everybody dressed and went Sunday services and then one night we had.

21:22 Christmas night we dressed up and we had a program and had several of them to give readings and give a good program and we had three nights of it. Then we had a banquet first and everybody dressed and there was two boys. They were two boys to each girl. There's that many girls in the class and there was two boys to each girl and that's why we went to the banquet.

21:57 Do you remember who you went with? Oh, yes. I went with a girl named Betty from her Louis from Slocum and boy. Name a

22:11 Oh, okay. Thank its name right now, but this one we didn't want to go with and we was put with him anyway.

22:19 You didn't like him know he was John will Matthews as who he is. He was a smart boy.

22:28 But he just want to have a kind what different what you're wearing. Oh, yes. I had a lavender.

22:38 A long evening dress, was there a band?

22:46 Was there a band there that played music? Oh, no, we just ate and then just had a good time. I could see we did. We went where we wanted to. After we eat. We just didn't have to stay there.

23:00 Well, that sounds like a fun night.

23:04 Were your parents at that graduation? Oh, no, they didn't go. We live, just four and a half miles from. We will finish from Hartford High School. Geneva County high school, but just my boyfriend come by and took me. So they didn't go. Who's your boyfriend. He was a boy in the class and he was supposed to take. He had a date with a ruse bird.

23:37 And of all things, something happen that we got together that evening and he just scared me on to the

23:45 Sermon that night, you stole from my office, more than that. I didn't have special special one to go with it then. So when did you meet Grandaddy?

23:58 Oh, I had just finished. My diploma finished high school.

24:05 And I think my daddy told me to go fill up the car with gas.

24:12 I went up to the store, just a little piece from the house.

24:16 And who walks that out. But a good-looking little young boy never seen?

24:23 And so he had come to live with his uncle and he was going to work in the store. Therefore. That's the first time ever saw it who was his uncle.

24:36 And he was the sheriff and police chief. How old was granddaddy. Then?

24:47 We wish Matt.

24:53 Weenie.

24:54 I believe he was 22 and I was 23.

24:59 I want donuts or you going to finish school, but I was 23 for the marriage. So y'all met and then about three or four years later. You got married home part time. When did he ask you to get married?

25:16 About two years after we was together, but I was going with what I had good friends and I just knew it was lots, but they were just friends. Yeah, didn't you date or had was friends with a man who went to the military? And he was valedictorian. He was a smart boy and he join the

25:47 Navy, could you see finish girl.

25:51 I never summer. When you come home. We was always together. And you know, I never even thought about him as a boyfriend, but I went with him be ready. When you come home. Just enjoyed his company.

26:14 Well, when your granddaddy finally got married, how how did that happen to? What? What did y'all have a big wedding? Oh, no, we just went to Geneva.

26:24 Clerk of the court and he married.

26:28 Did you wear a special dress?

26:31 I just had a woman dress or worked in that day worse, and we had gone to the fair.

26:39 And he met me at the fair and we went on to Jitney was in Hartford, Alabama, and we went on the Geneva to get married at the courthouse know about it. I didn't tell nobody.

26:55 Carol Christmas. So how long we are married before you told anybody that?

27:03 You know, the fair come in November.

27:07 And it was Christmas before we do written by.

27:12 When did you finally move in together as husband and why? I don't know. And his wife.

27:26 Dammit Black, Alabama and Odessa.

27:35 And you stayed with them for a while. We stayed till January, course we went on in that Christmas with my parents. He didn't have a say, we're dead.

27:50 So, we had Christmas without parent my prayers.

27:55 So what was up? Y'all got married. And what was that? Like, was it, was it hard that you have to find jobs and I could work there miles from Marshalls store and he worked at any moment. His cousin store on the weekend and we made enough to live on and we lived in

28:22 Awesome, small house on the Daddy's farm and he farmed the first year. He had one mule Farm.

28:33 And it was Saturday and Sunday, he work at the store.

28:37 What was granddaddy like back? Then? How would you best describe what he was? Like?

28:43 He was just a young boy, and

28:47 Oh, he had a good personality. I can't, I don't know what you mean by, what was he was? He sweet to you? Oh, yeah.

28:58 And we had a good laugh together. When did when did my mama come along? When did your daughter come along?

29:10 I had been married going on for 5 years when she was born and everybody thought was she don't have no children.

29:20 And she's only 11 child's. All we had.

29:25 What was mama like as a baby?

29:28 Oh, she was cutest little thing and she'd go with anybody that scary anymore and she still goes like to go, where y'all have somebody else living at the house, too, didn't you?

29:42 Hey, Nanda. Oh, we had been back, two years.

29:48 Leaving out together.

29:52 Anna Silk there and head to small sisters when their mama died and the grandmother kept all of them.

30:01 And the grandmother want good to him. And there's three girls and he older. She went partly with Taylor and she got her job. She was over there together.

30:14 Hey, the shirt factory in Geneva. And so Edna. And her sister had a choice. They could either one come to our house. I'll go to his brother, still Edna.

30:30 The quietest word of all she want to come down fast.

30:35 So, she did.

30:37 And we sit around the school. We moved fraud.

30:43 Right after she come and she moved with us and we said 100 school day out there.

30:49 Was that tough having to feed an extra mouth? I guess we got along pretty good.

30:59 We didn't think about it being tougher. Talk about Mama. Did she ever did Mom ever give you any trouble. She was real pretty you know, when you're free can get by with a lots of thing and she had lots of friends at school. Know she did give us she was real. She said she didn't have nobody to fuss. We have like the rest of like my sister had three boys.

31:34 Where she stayed over there while I work every evening after school. And if she got large enough to stay by yourself from, you know, I'm tired of stores. Turn out till

31:50 Bible before whenever I got home.

31:54 Speaking about work. You always worked. Almost always worked. Well, yeah, you know, I didn't have a way to get to work and my cousin from Hartford with my dad with Jeremy, and he bring me home every now every evening, they cared that much about, but the clerk in the store.

32:20 So they made a way for you. They made a way for me and then usually was clerking. He was working on Saturday till 10:00.

32:31 What did you think about? How did you manage in back in those days? Some women didn't didn't work. They stayed at home all the time. And they how did you manage a household cook and clean and and work too?

32:50 We had Thursday evening off from work. And that's when I got my clothes clean up everything. And we didn't.

33:01 I don't know. It was just he's done. Now answer just stayed with us that she was 17, I believe.

33:08 And she went to Geneva with her sister and she worked at the shipyard and see my husband worked at Shipyard during the war.

33:19 And then he had a chance for us to buy farm with all the pretty little farm and you know, he wants to farm the farm the few years and made for the crops and then he got to his house, got bad, and he rented that out. And so I worked and he works some in town. He works at Bowens, Denny.

33:54 Riding job. You know what you call them.

34:00 A job, Sarah. Yeah, salesman, he work for.

34:07 The man that

34:11 We're Delaware and another town there. I can't think right now and he was furnished a car. He was a Salesman so long so far around and so he had a car furnished and I had my car so we got along. When did y'all go to Columbus? Georgia? Do you want up to Phoenix City or Columbus and lived out. There? Awhile, Anna, you know, you've got a job in Columbus. It's gotten me. I was anyway.

34:53 And what he got one with it Army, what do they call the Army stores?

35:02 PX BX, he got a job at the beds and I got a job at DIA.

35:11 Got me a ride on the river there.

35:15 And I inspected Army. Sure, I M H. I had a good lady that cut the towels. I inspected them and get them to the machine and then I got a call from Fort Benning.

35:32 I put my application in two or three places and I got a call from Fort Benning and I went there and I was working in the hospital there and that was during the war just before the war started.

35:49 How long do you work there? Do you have any wounded people came there. Oh, yeah, we had a whole lot.

35:58 Roomful of. I can't go. I can't remember what you got it.

36:03 We had to all I had to do was take care of Mama.

36:08 Something to drink and then we fix their meals in the room. And I were in a room where they send it up from the kitchen.

36:20 Well, getting back to Bonifay y'all when y'all first bought your farm.

36:28 What did you buy the farm or was that your daddy's land? He has sold that farm2cook, Nars and coming are going to sell the farm. He had a house cows chickens.

36:48 And a crop raised together, and he sold everything.

36:56 And y'all have y'all lived in a little house on top of the hill, right?

37:03 With Hall between it, you know the dog. Yeah, it was a supposed to be a pretty House of yours before we bought it and we stayed there Year too and and got big enough to go to school. So she had to walk to this road and it was a pretty good piece around the woods Circle the woods and Phil.

37:31 And I'm so we tore that house down and build us a new house, you some of the lumber pile. So then y'all built the house. Will you be at your house is still there? And they will. The thing. I remember about the farm is your pacifier, other people's farms in the side of the road wouldn't be cut and to be weeds and passed by y'all's, and everything would just be perfect. Yeah, they still keep it clean, and the garden is where we used to have a guard and they keep the yards clean, but we had an old barn and they dare not tear it down. They gon save it. It needs a Scottish 10 top.

38:28 Add double doors to open inside and it's real old now and they could tear it down, fill the bill, but they like it like that. A beautiful home.

38:41 What were some of the happiest times you remember from the farm?

38:49 After they built.

38:56 The bathroom.

39:00 And you know, that we had the light people.

39:08 Give rides to everybody and we got lots to and he had one man that usually

39:18 Put the lights, you know, fix a lot for the men.

39:24 But my favorite, my husband was pretty good on doing our jobs and he lighted, ever have put the lights in. So then they had somebody tell me around and long. Do you know who put the lot since I was, I had people that was well-trained to put them in a nobody had lies. What year was this about? That was about nineteen?

39:55 Oh.

39:58 19.

40:01 2820. And they were putting a lots in at the house of you and granddaddy had or at your daddy's house time to put that I'd say cuz they had special man, but then he said, I can do that and say that money, they charge, so they come by and ask her.

40:24 Put power locks in.

40:28 I said, I'm sorry. I was gone. I don't know who put them in, and they finally left and they okay. The lights are on. And so you, one of the happiest days that was when you got a bathroom.

40:48 We got a bad word ugly before that.

40:52 Where are the loud house? Yeah, I guess so. I can't remember.

40:58 Must have. Did y'all keep a slop jar under the bed?

41:05 The Fall Guy.

41:08 Yeah, sure. I can sell some Mama grew up and then she got married.

41:20 Scooby-Doo, and the next week she finish to come to Dothan took a business course.

41:27 And a lady wanted there so bad to work at the

41:32 With e.

41:34 Yeah.

41:38 That she wanted to get her out of it. She like 2 weeks to finish her course and she kept calling me. Could she come, could you go? I said you and she's fixing to get married.

41:52 I think she's going to get married and live here in town. I said, you and her do what you want to. So she finally quit before. She got her diploma in business.

42:05 Text Tara or something. Turn out, fine. She got married.

42:14 Life kinda likes to this year, November 10th.

42:22 So then you and granddaddy had no one in the house. What was that? Like we didn't have much one. Anyway, she after she grew up. She had friends all the time from barfi. A lot of the Town girls stayed stayed with her.

42:42 So, we was kind of Lonesome at first, but then we got

42:49 She got to tell me, you know, she and her husband come pretty often and they we was right there with up. So and then I came along and bring one home.

43:03 One night, the other night and came back the next morning. What do you think? We grandchildren like to come to your house so much? All we had

43:14 Peegs.

43:16 And,

43:19 Oh, we had frogs it saying it behind the house. It was a

43:27 A little creek that run.

43:32 You know, and I'll run on right near the house and the feeling that the frogs gay and I told him there's just singing for

43:42 For dinner, saying for something to eat.

43:51 They were all my real good at home.

43:56 Did you enjoy having us there? Oh, yes.

44:00 They want no trouble. Did you enjoy cooking?

44:05 Well, not too good, but you cook so good. I had to cook.

44:13 Yeah, I cooked some granddaddy was a picky eater when he

44:23 He was kind of picky.

44:26 Yeah, he like pee like pork.

44:29 And chicken.

44:33 Great hamburgers, much or no?

44:40 He'd rather you took himself. He likes vegetables. Except butter beans, so many things. He didn't like, he didn't like squashy didn't like,

45:00 Well, I just have to cook on here.

45:06 What what happened to the ham to when he got sick? How did he get get down and out?

45:13 Well, you know what? He got kind of like I am now.

45:18 He he he got weak in his legs.

45:23 He had Strokes. He had those many strokes, and every time he had one, it pulled something else down for. He couldn't. And he got to where he couldn't even.

45:34 Wow, I need to live too long. I hate it for a while, after that.

45:41 Kelsey said that this will now I'm looking at now. You have to wait on him for for about 25 years or so. What was that? Like? No, I'm about 13 years. Well, he started his first stroke was back in like 76 or something spells, you know.

46:08 He'd been hospitalized.

46:12 Game to the hospital laws.

46:16 Was that tough? Yes, it was it got to work and my daughter would come down and have to help me get him to. I lived at Dogwood Lakes in and near Bonifay.

46:33 And would come down from Abbeville and help me get him to do some to the doctor cuz I couldn't handle him as a car to and then she come get it. When we come to the doctor and she's going back down. Did you had to go back to her house? And it got some much till she said, let's just say I have big enough that we can live together and do something and he'll be near stopped. So we did.

47:03 It was much easier for him to see the doctor and we killed him.

47:09 To get his hair cut. Till he got to where he wasn't able to go in the dark and they cut her hair cut. It would come by here ever do for three weeks or Saturday and cut his hair.

47:26 He was Mormon or something like that or Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints or something. I didn't go to church.

47:41 He got what? He didn't go Saturday and I had to go on Friday that New Hartford. I made it part of a good cutter here. Nothing. He did. He come to the house after a very curly hair and just as what

48:10 Yeah, a lot of hair so he wanted me to keep his hair clean and his haircut. That's two things I had to do and I wait doing for 13 years and Garland.

48:26 And he'd been dead. She's been there 7 years now, but

48:33 I didn't get down till about 3 years ago.

48:41 I got damn where I can't do anything.

48:45 Grandma, you've always been.

48:50 A source of inspiration. For me. You've always been someone I hold very high. Try to emulate. What what is it about your life? That you think I see that special what? What sort of

49:06 What inside you supportive?

49:10 Makes you feel like you makes you the person you are.

49:15 We're at a longer. Stay and live. I put him ahead of me. I used to bathing if you anywhere I clean him up first always so that he got what he like to eat. And I have made bushels of potato soup every night. He like good potato soup.

49:38 Anna.

49:41 I feel like that.

49:44 You know, I put all, I had it waiting on him and that's maybe why I'm in the fix. I am. Did you learn that kind of service attitude from your mama, your daddy? Were they like that, too?

50:00 Yes, my day was.

50:03 Oh, he had a

50:07 Good, it was good. But, you know, my mama was good to, to us to, they was both.

50:16 Helped us with all this again.

50:20 Good to listen to learn some lessons from them. I think so, you know, I didn't have we didn't have any trouble, they died. Suddenly. My dad was a stroke out at the barn and my mother was sitting in the yard shed and fees and she had a stroke and they wasn't sick, but they want to see it and they're never sick, but just they just passed away. Do you think that's a blessing?

50:52 I am.

50:54 Tell my mama was kind of, you know, that and she weighed quite a bit.

51:02 And I believe it was a blessing.

51:06 Your daddy died the day. Mama was born. Where my daddy was in the hot? I was in the hospital.

51:15 How many days? But the second has in the hospital?

51:21 And the first day, he called late, that afternoon me come by. He asked me how I was feeling. I told him fine.

51:29 Next thing I heard he was dead. We all know my husband once he was there, when the baby was born, but he had stated, he had to go home. So, you know, that your scrawny game and he had to go home and see about the farm, whatever is doing.

51:51 And my dad, my daddy left out that night. Nashville has a feeling and I do too much feeling fine. And I didn't see him never said no more. It was the last time I saw it and I can't remember the last time I saw my mom, but she was I guess it was over Saturday night. She she helped me get ready to go to the hospital.

52:15 And somebody gave me on. I can't remember who cares me.

52:23 And I stayed six days, a brought it back home and we was running the store me and my husband out at Dundee.

52:33 Have them hard for the feast and I didn't get to go home to Larimer Stewie. So now we just keep your day.

52:48 They get what you want to give me 12 days. Yeah. I told her I had to go home. So, it always felt like my daddy was gone out somewhere. So we missed our mother quiet puppy. My baby was nearly a year. It was a year old when she died, right? Right, so I've been living

53:17 Rattle, are you are you scared about Diner?

53:29 Well, I wouldn't be worried about.

53:33 Things I can't use my hands. Don't get to where I can use them at. All. Right. What do you think about though that he's keeping you here for a purpose?

53:45 But I don't know. What is for? Do you do you think are you looking forward to seeing granddaddy? Oh, yeah.

53:55 He was.

53:58 We never missed our church and he was

54:04 A good question.

54:10 I'm sure he looking forward to seeing you too.

54:15 Well, I love you Grandma. I love all your grandchildren that they kept me going. I think all these years after I didn't have nobody else, but you're very special.

54:31 And you're special to me.