Sean DeArmond and Sarah DeArmond

Recorded January 9, 2024 Archived January 9, 2024 39:49 minutes
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Sean DeArmond (51) and his wife Sarah DeArmond (37) have a conversation about the non-profit they created ("Voiceless Behind Bars") to help raise awareness of, and pay legal fees for, those in prison who have been wrongfully convicted.

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Sean DeArmond (SE) asks Sarah DeArmond (SA) to talk about how their non-profit, Voiceless Behind Bars, got started in 2020.
SE asks SA what got her interested in advocacy.
SE asks SA to talk about the Timothy McGruder case in St. Paul, Minnesota that they have gotten involved with.
SE and SA talk about what gives them optimism for the future.
SE asks SA how she got the drive to do this work.
SE and SA tell where people can find them and their organization online.
SE talks about his gratitude for the younger generations and how they are changing society.


  • Sean DeArmond
  • Sarah DeArmond

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