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Francis Wong (72) talks to his wife Mary Ann Wong (62) about his life, his accomplishments and the things he is most proudest of.

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Commitment to public service inspired by his father Francis You.
Don Graham, his surrogate father, has been one of the biggest influences in his life.
Talks about his experience working for Senator John F. Kennedy.
Wants to be remembered as a Christian with with Catholic persuasion.
Biggest mistakes he has made in life are his 2 divorces and not seeing a few of his children for an extended period of time.
Describes the lessons he has learned in his marriages and remembers proposing to Mary Ann.


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  • Mary Ann Wong

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00:04 My name is Mary Ann Wong. I am 62 years old today is June 18th 2009.

00:14 I am in San Francisco and Francis is my husband.

00:21 My name is Francis a warm and my age is 72 today's date is June 18th.

00:28 19 I'm sorry 2009 we are in San Francisco. And on my relationship to Marianne is she's my loving wife.

00:38 Francis why are you doing this recording? And why did you ask me to be your facilitator? We short answers are one of my grandchildren and my children and their children to know about their Heritage and their family. I asked you to be my facilitator since I want this to be a family affair. And since you Maryann on my soulmate, I can't think of a better person to share this event with the long answer is that I want them to learn from my experiences find themselves and what I've done and what learned what made me who I am.

01:13 A big part of who I am is my commitment to Public Service, which was first instilled Into Me by my father.

01:22 And then by President John F Kennedy, I've always gotten back from public service much more than I've given.

01:31 Another lesson is don't be afraid to make decisions on a timely basis.

01:37 As a law student at Georgetown, I was working in the morning and at night for Senator John F Kennedy.

01:47 As his presidential campaign became more intense. I started skipping classes at night to work on his campaign. My father asked an important question what happens if you flunk out of Law School in Kennedy doesn't become president. It called me to stop and think and evaluate my life goals when I was given the opportunity to work for the first United States senator from Hawaii or any long. I left Kennedy, even though I was sure he would become president and that I would be working in the White House my goals at that time was it finished law school or return to a way to be with my family and friends?

02:24 This occurred sooner than I expected when one evening center Long said Francis, I forgot to tell you last night, but you're fired.

02:35 With great surprise. I said why he calmly said that the sooner I return to Hawaii the sooner. I reach my ultimate goals. He was very right, but at that time, I was not smart enough to know that it was the best move I ever made and even though without passing the bar. The only job I could get would be an inspector for my dad's housing project and to let the FHA inspectors know when the roofs were completed in the walls were up on each house the move from Washington DC to Waianae, Hawaii.

03:09 Was a big move the other reasons for making making District corn will come as we speak.

03:16 Who was the most important person in your life and can you tell me about him? It would my father be introduced me to politics and she was very involved in the local level. He was a really nice and gentle person. He was a good and honest businessman. He worked hard that good work ethics. He was involved in the community by being a founder and president of the parent teachers Gill at my high school. And you also was the Home Building.

03:47 President for the Hawaii chapter as well as a national director.

03:54 Has been the biggest influence in your life. And what lessons did they teach you? When did you last see him to be President John F. Kennedy is in style than anyone I knew.

04:08 He also had a Clear Vision for America. He had Charisma and was a good communicator. You open my eyes to the world of yes I can and

04:20 Demonstrate the ability to do get things done.

04:25 The last time I saw President Kennedy was aboard the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor in June 1993. Will we had a short private visit you wanted to know what I was doing in Hawaii.

04:39 Who was your mentor? And what lessons did he teach you?

04:44 Don Graham

04:46 Who was 95 years old young this week?

04:50 Made me his surrogate son. He taught me the importance of numbers understanding the economics of a deal. He said you can't help me negotiate a deal. If you don't know the consequences of what you're negotiating his favorite saying was for every action there is a reaction.

05:09 Do you open doors for me in New York City with Metropolitan Life Equitable life Morgan Stanley and a host of other companies, which I could not have done without done. It was a necro life that I first met Donald Trump since both of us were seeking financing for a hotel.

05:26 Done

05:28 Taught me leave listen to perseverance and needing to get to the source of a problem. Be it in Beijing or New York.

05:36 Good example, is that while I was negotiating the purchase of a hotel on the beach at Waikiki. We had a very difficult this or you continue to change the deal. Reportedly, we had a good lender inequitable and the supporting Equity Partners Merrill Lynch teach time. We made a deal Dallas or will change that terms of the lease, which means we have to renegotiate the terms with a Kobo and Meryl after several months and being your being in New York for more than two weeks. I called Don and told him that I could not make a deal and I was coming home.

06:09 Don said firmly we have took more than $300,000 in a deal which we could not afford to lose in 1997. That was a lot of money. You need to stay there and make a deal. He said I hung up and looked across.

06:26 To the den World Trade Center from the Merrill Lynch offices at Liberty Plaza. I said a prayer to the Lord and promised it if we made a deal I would give him all the credit a week later made a deal that the most important lessons you've learned in life and learn to sell yourself.

06:48 A good example of that is after my first year at Georgetown in 1955. I return to Hawaii the next day. My mother said I don't care if you're going to be a doctor lawyer Indian chief. You need to sell yourself and learn to accept rejection.

07:07 She didn't announce that I would be selling Studio gold Cosmetics daughter there with her for the summer.

07:14 After learning about split ends and eyeshadow on the job.

07:19 I was a national sales girl for July and was so honored at the studio grill convention in Lake Arrowhead in August.

07:29 I have learned well to sell myself except rejection.

07:33 What is your earliest memory?

07:36 It had to be Pearl Harbor December 7th, 1941. I was 5 years old and I remember seeing fire and smoke at Pearl Harbor. My parents were very concerned.

07:48 For the safety of two of my uncles who worked at Pearl Harbor

07:53 Later that evening everyone and was afraid that the Japanese would invade Oahu.

07:59 Are there any words of wisdom you'd like to pass along to your grandchildren?

08:04 Be honest with yourself and others be a good student and be well-educated have a passion for life and a thirst for knowledge. There are no mistakes in life just experiences be a good Christian and faithful to the Lord follow your heart and be happy and enjoy God's wonderful gifts and blessings.

08:25 What are you proud of what are you proudest of in your life?

08:31 There are a number of things.

08:33 Passing the bar winning my first election retiring from the states entered after 12 years and never having lost an election.

08:43 Having all my children graduate from college

08:47 I didn't graduate school being gave gainful employment and not living at home.

08:53 Bring a grandfather to Megan Camille and Nicole and having Holly and Kelly calling me Dad.

09:00 What are some of the highlights in your life?

09:04 Again there a lot that I'm very pleased to tell you about.

09:09 Being a member of the staff of Senator John F Kennedy and being one of the three people taken from his senatorial to start Kennedy for president in 1959 is a true highlight.

09:20 The name one of the three outstanding young men in Hawaii

09:26 I'm also very very proud and highlight had to be the birth of my children and our grandchildren.

09:34 Announcing on National Television Hawaii's vote from the governor in 1972.

09:40 Being a CO broker with Don Graham in the sale of the call Hilton Hotel the escrow officer that thankfully then was Marilyn Dunham President Obama's grandmother.

09:51 Being selected one of the best lawyers in America and its first edition in 1983.

09:59 Being named to the national board of the American Association of

10:05 Community and junior colleges, which was a dim governing Organization for community colleges and junior colleges in America.

10:16 Being a principal speaker at the New York University Hotel investment conference in the ballroom of the Waldorf, Astoria in New York before thousand people.

10:26 Having my name on the cover of a brief to the US Supreme Court completing the Maui Marriott, which was then the 100th Marriott Hotel.

10:37 Being selected with one of the three of the one of the 13 States senators.

10:43 In the nation for Goodwill Mission to China in 1976, which was which was only two years after President Nixon's visit.

10:53 Being named as one of the members of the Vancouver bamboo Network in Peter Newman's book The Titans, which is about the movers and shakers in Canada. I didn't realize that I was even notice for being in Vancouver.

11:09 Be in prison of Worcester Center for business in the yards and one of his Founders for the council sustainability.

11:16 Having great Partners in Friends building and completing our lady of the mountains Catholic Church in Whistler being appointed to the Burger Foundation board, which is giving away in the last 20 years about 30 million dollars.

11:30 Getting a hole-in-one on the 6th hole at semiahmoo golf course in Blaine Washington and being present of the Palm Springs the goddess chapter, which is the Catholic version of Waipio.

11:43 Princess I actually have a question for you. You said your time in as part of John F. Kennedy's team something that really shaped you. What were your duties while you were part of that team? I was going to law school in. Time and I basically started off as a gopher. I didn't do very important things. I wrote a lot of letters. I answered constituents males and request and basically didn't drink at the senator Kennedy or the staff wanted to me to do this one story that forgot to tell that I would like to tell my first Christmas was Senator Kennedy. I walked into his office on a Monday and I saw Haig and Haig pinch.

12:24 Bottles of pieces of a stacked along the wall from floor to ceiling and it must have been 12 or 20 rules of things stack 8 to 10 feet high and I asked why does the senate have a bull moose in his office since the Francis his father's distributor of Hagen Haig pinch, and that's why he gives it away.

12:48 The experience you had with John F Kennedy that really stood out to you. I do I like and I'm coming to it in a few minutes.

12:58 But it's some of the fun things that you experienced or have done in your life.

13:04 When's while visiting our friend Jim Hill at the Berryhill Gallery New York? You called me into his private office and close the door. He brought to renwal original paintings for me to see I held each one in my hand for a moment. The paintings were for sale at 20 million dollars each I Catholic put the pennies back down on pedestal the following year. I went back to Jimmy message Jimmy. Do you still have those pennies for me is the new Francis. I sold it to Steve Wynn who put it in the Bellagio?

13:33 Traveling to Rome with a Canadian patrons of Vatican.

13:37 You and I had an audience with Pope John Paul and with Benedict XVI, which was most enjoyable and of course Very memorable and seen the movie a few weeks ago Angels and Demons. It was fun to have visited many of the places in the movies such as the metropolis and this coffee with the bones of Saint Peter's are located or remembering the hours that we spend in the Sistine Chapel with Gabriella.

14:04 We took two cruises about 10 years ago, Tim and Julie.

14:09 Our son and daughter-in-law invite us and her parents to an all expense vacation on the Mediterranean at first I said stupid Lee. I'm too busy.

14:20 I really said that got hit me over the head and I came to my senses and we accepted we saw I saw your for the first time and we had great meals and some many places including little towns in France such as Exxon Provence. I still remember you buying a knockoff purse in Florence. And when the police came and the still has ran off with the person your money I can still see you chasing the sellers and the police chasing you that experience was worth the price of the purse you never got

14:53 Of course the high it was Rome and the Vatican.

14:57 And we never thought that a few is leader. We were through the Gateway. So God come back to Rome two more times.

15:06 Last summer on cruise with your parents to Alaska was memorable. And assuming was absolutely spectacular. I remember sitting with your parents and you for a full day at the same spot as we toured Glacier Bay with a wonderful time. Did you your dad and I had catching salmon, of course, how can I ever forget the lunch that your dad and I had at Shanghai Bistro his shirt to list story of how much she enjoyed every bite.

15:35 Now some quick questions and answers. When a nice have you felt most alone when pulling are you so pretty like you 95

15:46 How has your life been different than what you imagined to be truly loved how much you like to be remembered a Christian with a Catholic persuasion. Do you have any regrets divorces? What does the future hold? Where did you grow up in her and loving?

16:12 Who are your favorite relatives?

16:16 Do you remember any of the stories that used to tell you is that my grandmother? I was my grandmother's favorite grandson, even though I cut the linen tablecloth.

16:30 Where did your grandfather come from?

16:34 He was born and raised in a little town called Johnson near Guangzhou in southern China. He worked as a contract labor in the sugar fields on Oahu made enough money and brought his family to Hawaii.

16:48 What was your mom and dad's name? And where did they grow up meme was Francis Yu Wong he came to Hawaii when he was 7 years old and died in his early eighties and we my mother Elizabeth Chung Wong was born in Hawaii and died in her sixties and Ali prior to her death. My mom dad and I took a trip to New Zealand and it was a true bonding experience was the last trip. She took before going to heaven you were loving strip place a high priority and education love that got me to start ballroom dancing in the early teens and even sort of force me.

17:31 To dust an exhibition Tango with my sister Carolyn they rewarded hard work.

17:37 What is your ethnic background visited your family's ancestral home? And what was that experience like in 2008 when I was able to map the location for my family.

17:55 When I first went with my dad.

17:58 I was not emotional, but when I went back without him, I was very emotional.

18:04 Love to take telling Frank and you back to my dad's birthplace and do something special for an ancestral home such as converting it to a Community Learning Center.

18:15 What were your grandparents like and what did they do to the wonderful very patient loving and generous can remember any of them saying no.

18:27 What are the names of your children and what are they doing is the director of outreach program in Boston University Frank is a nuclear physicist with Livermore laboratory and attended professor at UC Berkeley him as a project manager for Qualcomm. Marianne is in public relations in the Bay Area. Holly's with copper fan in finance with Facebook and Kelly is an opera singer formerly with Opera, San Jose.

18:55 Describe your relationship with your children with Tim Holly and Kelly very little contact with the other since my divorce from Shirley in 1978 not having a relationship with Kathy Frank and Marie and is one of the great failures in my life.

19:12 When did you first find out you'd be a parent? And how did you feel in 1958? We were very excited and at that time I was working for Senator John Kennedy. Kathy's birth certificate notes that my employment was a system to United States Senator John F Kennedy.

19:33 What are your dreams for your children to be educated and happy merry great. People realize the power and grace of God. I'm confident that they will do very well and hopefully have the kind of life I've had.

19:48 Do you have any favorite stories about your children?

19:52 When they were about the same age as our grandchildren today, they performed the score of Jesus Christ Superstar. I was amazed and very proud.

20:02 When and where were you born July 18th 1936 in Honolulu, Hawaii Community called Kaimuki, then we had a very large house with an elevator in Manila and then looking to makiki another middle-class neighborhood.

20:23 Bree normal. Very busy parents do

20:28 My mom was very very enterprising. She bought and sold real estate. She was also distributor for Studio girl Cosmetics. My dad was a real estate broker and developed in West Oahu where I lead a represented in my when I was in the legislature going up all your for Carolyn Jo and Jerry and Renee.

20:57 I don't remember a lot about the younger children, but I do remember being Carolina's best friend when we're going or growing up.

21:07 How would you describe yourself as a child will you happy?

21:11 I surely was I love sports. My mom was concerned that I would be a tennis bum since I play tennis from sun sunrise to sunset whenever I could I had a very happy childhood describe the perfect day when you were young from dawn to dusk having a date in the evening.

21:30 What is a perfect day today if we're good friends in the morning winning a few dollars relaxing with you in the afternoon cooking dinner for you at home and watching a great movie in bed with you?

21:43 Do you have any favorite stories from your childhood?

21:47 I remember sitting on the beach in my dad's car where he was selling real estate on the beach in Makaha for $0.07 a square foot playing in an abandoned Waianae Sugar Mill and riding horses in my car value with Gina Stewart whole sons of Chin Ho and being a cowboy.

22:04 Let's chat about your schooling. Did you enjoy school? What kind of student School newspaper in the yearbook prison of the student council and also president of the student council for

22:23 Berryessa schools

22:27 And enjoy writing and you still friends with anyone from that time in your life. We had the 54th High School reunions at our home in Indian Wells last year and applying to a 10054 55th High School reunions October this year.

22:44 Did you go to Georgetown College to be a lawyer who I wanted to be a doctor but falling out of the first and most of the good lord gave me new talents to be a doctor since I had B's and C's in sciences and he's in English, which I seldom studied.

23:01 So when I change to pre-law.

23:04 Were there any teachers who had a particularly strong influence on your life? Tell tell me about them brothers from the Society of Murray brother. Bernard Forester was my homeroom teacher in freshman year. You said to me look unless I be began concentrating on my studies and listen socializing. I would amount to nothing. I was shocked to hear that criticism the fortunately I change thanks to the Lord II was another brother whose name I can't recall who do my sophomore and Junior years said to me that the fundamentals in math word bad intuitive me doing that summer at night starting with simple ribbon thick multiplication and division. I could not imagine me doing the work I do today without his help. I will great deal to both of them and their dedication and it speaks volumes of the Catholic Education.

23:56 Do you have any favorite stories from college?

24:00 Play tennis at Georgetown with a big deal for me the freshman year, but I played a kid named on Dale who was in high school at that time and you almost killed me while I was in the net. I was relating this story to one of the owners of Indian Wells Tennis Garden Chelsea Charlie passerelle in his tennis weed when he took a few steps and introduced me to Don Dale. I did not remember the night. You did not remember the match but remember playing at Georgetown often.

24:28 Let's move to love and relationships.

24:34 Do you have a love of your life used to Maria?

24:39 What four lessons have you learned from love relationships?

24:46 Let's chat about our marriage. How did you meet me? I was the one who took it if you left me it was time to marry you.

25:00 How did you propose?

25:03 It was on a Snowy Evening in Whistler British Columbia on the New Year New Year's Eve the Millennium. I was asked to make a tuition at the end of a toast. I said Mariana I have something very special asked me would you marry me? It must have been a big surprise since I didn't get an answer to you until our Hostess Susan suggested you answer me.

25:25 What were the best times the most difficult time financially your voice? Can you tell me about it for some Shirley? We grew apart after 20 years and second with Paula after 15 years and not sure exactly why you have for young couples.

25:48 Marriage marriage is a constant journey of passion and compromises be flexible and don't sweat the small stuff.

25:57 Do you have any favorite stories from your private chat with me?

26:01 I guess it's the way we met.

26:04 Walking the Stanley Park along the seawall in 140 morning. I met are Fernando and in 10 minutes to tell tell me the 10 things you want in a man. It's so just that I do the same.

26:15 At the end of the walk. She asked me to call you to have lunch which I did a few weeks later. She invited me to her singles brunch on a Saturday on a Sunday and the day before John and need a castles invited me to the Gallo Arts. Umbrella to meet a wonderful young lady which happened to be you. Unfortunately you are unable to attend. But thank the Lord on Monday at the brunch I met you.

26:41 Let's move on to your work experience. What do you do for a living?

26:47 Well, I've been a lawyer. I've been a state senator and a hotel developer and I'm not sure what I'm going to grow up. Currently. I'm involved in doing Hotel projects.

26:57 A busy time for me would be 50% work 20% Public Service 15% serving of various boards and 15% for golf and travel.

27:06 Tell me about how you got into your line of work. Let's start with being a lawyer.

27:13 I went to Georgetown Law School.

27:16 And gradually 1961 work with John Kennedy.

27:21 Became a state senator went to work for an I'm sorry became when I when you became a state went to work for Army Long return to the way past the bar and had my desktop into shop makeup from I co-sign with white letter saying Frances Faye Wong Attorney at laws and placed in my storefront office as the only lawyer in Waianae.

27:42 I sip the business with whatever came in the door my most regular clients when men arrested on Sunday for cockfighting who paid me in fruits vegetables and chickens up here a few years later. I join rice and Lee prominent law firm in downtown on a low since I had met a new Douglas since our childhood.

28:02 Rice was also named best lawyers in America 1983 for family law and was also chairman of the Republican Party the year in 1974 the year of my last election when I had no opposition in the primary and general election. Thanks to Tom.

28:20 I was also partner Law Firm until retard in night in the 1980s in the desert. I was fortunate I am fortunate that dick Oliphant the most prominent Republican in the valley as my partner received this week and he was inducted into the California Home Building Hall of Fame. Not sure what these associates are trying to tell me.

28:42 How did you become a politician?

28:45 My dad got sick when I was a sophomore at Georgetown and I need to find a part-time job. I saw a three-by-five card replacement office. It says clerk typist 1 in the congressman's office and Bruce Alger hard me for the next seven years. I worked in the Congress of the United States with several members of Congress and developed a good network of friends in 1958 while walk working for John Bill Dawson of Utah who lost an election. I needed to find a job in searching for a job. I called Ted Reardon a friend who was the administrative assistant to Senator John Kennedy and he hard

29:22 In 1959 three of his staff members including Pierce Andrew myself or relocated the bottom of Constitution Avenue a few blocks from the capitol to start Kennedy for president. The offices were headed by Steve Smith. Kennedy's brother-in-law who is married to Gene from my vantage point. I saw the building of a very successful presidential campaign with became in a much less scale the blueprints for my political success 1966 four years after being fired by Center long and I got the highest number of votes in the legislature. Do you want a large part?

30:02 Of a picture of me and the local newspapers greeting Jackie Kennedy upon arrival in Hawaii in 1965 serve 12 years and retired 1978 8

30:14 I'm proud to say that I ordered the code of ethics and major land usually gestation such as the first coastal zone management act for Hawaii and had a leadership position in creating this medical and law schools at the University of Hawaii.

30:32 How did you become a developer?

30:35 My dad was original residential Builder and I learned from his trade. I was involved in building large condominium project such as Discovery Bay in Waikiki, which has 636 units in an office building called The Queen Street office building.

30:52 I developed with others to Holiday Inn Kauai to Maui Marriott, the Embassy Suite Fairmont Kea Lani and worked in numerous projects in Taiwan, Thailand Whistler Vancouver and desert which hopefully someday we'll have the Fairmont Hotel at the classic Club.

31:11 What are some of your more significant challenges?

31:17 In the early years of my first marriage I had to balance being a lawyer developer a politician together with being a father and a husband. I know now that I did not do that. Well in the middle years I went to mass every Sunday, but did not give God the priority in my life that I should have now doing the sunset of my life. I feel that I've achieved a good balance with God you are children and work and play.

31:46 It sure has been fun fun. Thanks to the Lord.

31:50 Do you like your job today?

31:53 What did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

31:58 What lessons has your work life taught you be resourceful and creative?

32:07 Always work the room and have a good networking of friends bement has to others.

32:14 If you could do anything now, but would you do and why I wouldn't change a thing.

32:20 Do you plan on retiring if so, when and how do you feel about it?

32:31 Do you have any favorite stories from your work life?

32:34 Will Eliquis been a question earlier and I wanted to answer them know about the John Kennedy.

32:41 John

32:43 How to sing the if he's playing football and it's his football he makes the rules

32:50 The day after Hawaii became a state. I thank Senator Kennedy for support of statehood for Hawaii.

32:57 He said the best way I could show my appreciation was to work hard and come back as a senator from Hawaii.

33:07 I was being groomed.

33:09 The 1960s

33:12 Portal office

33:14 And that's the reason why they wanted me to have National exposure by Nelson. Hawaii's both McGovern.

33:23 But the grass was greener on the other side.

33:27 But working there. I saw that members of the way delegation Wrigley left washing on Friday afternoon flew to Hawaii and took the redhead red-eye back to Washington on Sunday. I love working and living in Hawaii and did not want a full-time job as a politician.

33:45 For the more I could not afford to support for kids and private schools and universities on a government salary.

33:54 During the 1960 presidential campaign Senator. Kennedy's religion was a big issue. One of the local washing newspaper does a story about the religious affiliation of his staff.

34:06 And it said there were 25 Catholics and Protestants 5 Jews and a kid from Hawaii who probably worship maunaloa.

34:16 I always remember some of the kindest quote.

34:20 Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.

34:29 I know religion is important to you. Let's talk about it. Can you tell me about your religious beliefs spiritual beliefs and what is your religion?

34:42 The lesson is God loves all of us. He is all-powerful and it's answered all my prayers cons of times. I often feel that God is working full-time for me.

34:55 Do you experienced any miracles in your life Miracles? I think of but they have been experiences that are very close to him while we're buying our present home on chocolate mountain. We had to assume the existing mortgage, but the lender option one was very very difficult because there was a huge prepayment penalty that they wanted to earn the lender made it impossible to qualify for loan no matter what evidence of qualifications I provided to him.

35:25 We were in the middle of closing the transaction when you and I were invited to the 500.

35:30 Your anniversary of the starting of the Vatican museum while in Venice and in route and route to Rome. We took a water taxi to the train station.

35:42 And I had to roll our luggage up three flights of stairs, since it was no ramp. It was not a pretty sight.

35:49 Suddenly I felt the weight of the bags being lifted. I looked down and saw a stranger helping me with the bags The Stranger was an American from Huntington Beach California and also traveled with traveling to pee. So we chatted and found out that he was a mortgage Banker. I asked him if he knew option one and he said why I told him the story it was impossible to make a deal.

36:14 And he said to me to my amazement that his daughter was a loan servicing manager at option one. You gave me her name and telephone number and I emailed the loan officer in Venice and asked if my phone's be turned over to her. The loan was approved shortly there after this is not just being not qualify as a miracle, but it comes pretty close.

36:36 What was the most profound spiritual moment in your life?

36:41 When I found out I had prostate cancer last year.

36:44 Do you believe in God started going to be a mess after getting canceled last year?