William Evers and Peter Emblad

Recorded March 10, 2011 Archived March 10, 2011 01:21:07
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William D. Evers (83) by Peter Emblad (43) on W.’s family history. W. talks about his parents and grandparents’ immigration to the U.S. from Germany, and their rise in prominence in San Francisco

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W. on changing his political orientation--from Republican Party to Democratic party.
W. on his father’s, Dr. Pischell, side of the family, and their move to Iowa, and eventual move to California.
W. on his mother’s mother’s, Dhormann, side of the family. Gradfather came from Hammond, Germany.
W. on growing up in the Great Depression
W. anecdote on his father and having a fast car.
W. on his mother Sepha, and her leadership in every community she’s been a part of.
W. on his father’s work as an architect
W. on his relationship with his parents, and their deaths.
W. on his father’s manners
W. on relation to Spekbacher, a famous German military man.


  • William Evers
  • Peter Emblad

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