Yoshio Murakawa and Dina Pecceu

Recorded October 22, 2016 Archived October 22, 2016 45:27 minutes
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Yoshio Murakawa (76) talks with his daughter Dina Pecceu (46) about his family history and experience during Japanese Internment during WWII. Yoshio shares about where this grandparents and parents are from in Japan and how they immigrated to the US as indentured labor and picture brides. Yoshio also describes his family's experience being interned in Topaz and about how his family was treated differently for being more culturally Japanese.

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YM shares about his father, where he grew up, his career path, his return from Japan to Hawaii then California, and his nursery business in Oakland, CA
YM talks about where his mother was born and how her family arrived in California
YM talks about his grandmother coming to the US as a picture bride
YM shares about his mother coming through Angel Island as a picture bride and working as a seamstress in Oakland, CA
YM describes his maternal grandparents on the Sakai side of the family being a farming family
YM describes his paternal grandparents on the Murakawa side of the family being both educated and also plantation workers in Hawaii
YM talks about his family being interned during WWII and initially going to the Tanforan race track to live in a horse stall with his family
YM describes the train ride to Topaz Lake Internment Camp to live in block 13
YM talks about his father being a "no-no boy" and later describes how his family was treated differently in Topaz because they were strongly Japanese
YM shares about childhood memories in Topaz, how his family spent the whole war interned, and about where his family went after WWII


  • Yoshio Murakawa
  • Dina Pecceu

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