Barbara Voss and Liz Clevenger

Recorded June 27, 2010 Archived June 27, 2010 01:21:36 minutes
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Liz, 28, interviews Barb, 42, about her archaeological work at the Presidio.

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First time went to the Presidio, 1987, student at Stanford. In 1992, stationed there for work in private sector. First time on military post except for anti-war protests.
Discovering wall at Presidio.
Perceptions of California and the military changed.
Children of the military; seeing boys whose fathers were gone acting out GI Joe funerals.
Closure of military base.
Changes when Presidio Trust took over.
Importance of team building.
Dream excavation: large scale blocks in residential areas of Presidio.


  • Barbara Voss
  • Liz Clevenger

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The Presidio Trust

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00:05 My name is Liz Clevenger. I'm 28 today is June 27th, 2010. We're at the Presidio San Francisco. And Barb is my colleague Informer a tiger.

00:19 A my name is Barb and I'm 42 years old and it's June 27th, 2010 and we're here at the Presidio San Francisco and Liz was a student of mine at Stanford University.

00:31 Tell me about

00:43 First time you came to the Presidio. I always assumed it was part of the archaeology work you did but I'm not sure and I had this idea I'd seen a map of San Francisco and I have the 1987 that I could walk from Fisherman's Wharf across the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin Headlands and watch the sunset. So I was in the Stanford at the buses from Stamford to the cable car to the wharf and at that time is very narrow strip of land was under Golden Gate National Recreation Area control and the part of the plan that I had.

01:43 Undeveloped. I knew I wasn't until it would have been probably 1990 who work for the and they had a partnership with the Army at here. And she said if you were going to have to Presidio and I said, I think once with all my God you have to see it. And so she took me on his driving driving tour and they were using some space in the gra land for their youth training program.

02:43 Turn on a military post except when I have been doing anti-war protest instead of the really like I think when I started working out here was in 1992. I was first assigned. I was working for woodwork light Consultants got to find out here is an archaeological monitor very because I've been so involved in my youth and was still involved that time it was during the Gulf War. So I was going to protest on the weekend and then coming to the Presidio to work during the week and it was a really it was the first time I'd really had to stay in contact with people who were in the military on active duty and it was a really interesting personal time for me to be trying to figure out what my relationship was to those different was in