Barbara Voss and Liz Clevenger

Recorded June 27, 2010 Archived June 27, 2010 01:21:36
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Liz, 28, interviews Barb, 42, about her archaeological work at the Presidio.

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First time went to the Presidio, 1987, student at Stanford. In 1992, stationed there for work in private sector. First time on military post except for anti-war protests.
Discovering wall at Presidio.
Perceptions of California and the military changed.
Children of the military; seeing boys whose fathers were gone acting out GI Joe funerals.
Closure of military base.
Changes when Presidio Trust took over.
Importance of team building.
Dream excavation: large scale blocks in residential areas of Presidio.


  • Barbara Voss
  • Liz Clevenger

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