Shea McLean and Janet Cobb

Recorded October 30, 2023 Archived October 30, 2023 39:52 minutes
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Colleagues Shea McLean (59) and Janet Cobb (57) speak about working for USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park. They reflect on their military careers, discuss the importance of preserving historical artifacts, and speak about Mobile, Alabama's ties to military history.

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S (Shea) gives background on his work as a marine archeologist.
S reflects on his time in the military.
S speaks about the discovery of the first combat submarine the H.L. Hunley.
S recalls finding the skeletal remains within the H.L. Hunley.
S stresses the importance of capturing the human experiences behind artifacts.
Janet (J) discusses the veterans who come to visit the USS Alabama.
J speaks about what led her to join the army reserves and reflects on her military career.
J and S explain the story behind how the USS Alabama became open to the public.
J and S highlight Jimmy Buffet's donation of two aircrafts to Battleship Memorial Park.
J speaks on the importance of educating the younger generation.


  • Shea McLean
  • Janet Cobb

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Mardi Gras Park

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