Shermaine Perry-Knights and Morgan Zipf-Meister

Recorded July 14, 2023 Archived July 14, 2023 39:44 minutes
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Shermaine Perry-Knights (37) speaks with StoryCorps Facilitator, Morgan Zipf-Meister (40), about her upbringing as a military brat and messages behind the books she has written.

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Shermaine Perry-Knights (S) recounts her upbringing and the various moves during her time as a military brat, while her father was in the service.
S describes the internal workings of life in the service.
S speaks about her love and connection to Turkey.
S recalls different friends and communities she's had.
S remembers conflicts and solving them as a kid.
S talks about her books the philosophy behind them.
S speaks about her connection to the different cultures she grew up in.
S describes common misconceptions people have about growing up in the military family.
S talks about the messages she hope to impart on children through her books.
S speaks about her love of libraries.


  • Shermaine Perry-Knights
  • Morgan Zipf-Meister