Shirley Pino and Sage Mountainflower

Recorded April 14, 2023 Archived April 14, 2023 41:08 minutes
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Colleagues and friends Shirley “Mama Shirley” Pino [no age given] and Sage Mountainflower (47) reflect on their journeys in the fashion industry, the people who inspire them, and the future of Indigenous fashion.

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SP and SM share their names and villages and speak about who they are and where they are from.
SP and SM reflect on their introductions to the fashion industry and the people who have influenced their work.
SM and SP reflect on how motherhood, and in SP's case being a grandmother, has influenced their journeys in the fashion industry. SP speaks about what she learned from her mother.
SM and SP express their appreciation for each other's work. SP explains her embroidery technique.
SM and SP share how they each learned to sew and how they started their businesses. SM speaks about the ways SP has inspired her. SM and SP also discuss Native Women Lead.
SP shares how she named her business and remembers her grandfather. SP and SM also reflect on their names.
SP and SM speak about their models with gratitude and discuss the future of Indigenous fashion.
SP and SM share a message for Indigenous youth and reflect on legacy.


  • Shirley Pino
  • Sage Mountainflower

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Albuquerque Museum

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