SquadCast S01Ep01 - "From my house... every New Years Day, I could hear the beat of the drums, getting ready for the [Mummers] parade."

Recorded January 13, 2020 Archived January 13, 2020 01:23:08
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It's our first interview, for me and my Mom, and we get to talking all about growing up in South Philadelphia in a row home on 11th and Porter. My Mom shares how her father was killed in World War II and how she lost my Grandmother at a young age. She also shares some of her happy memories with her Mom, her Grandma, her brother, and Uncles, how they were a tight knit group. We talked about how her happiest moment in life was the day my sister, Michele was born, and how she did more than she expected she would in her life.


  • Kathleen DeCosmo
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