Stephen McGuire and Doris McGuire

Recorded February 16, 2024 Archived February 16, 2024 35:21 minutes
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Spouses Stephen McGuire (72) and Doris McGuire (no age given) talk about how they met, their favorite memories together, and Stephen’s career as an author.

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Stephen McGuire (SM) and Doris McGuire (DM) talk about how they met.
SM shares a memory of DM and talks about their current projects.
DM talks about her current volunteer work during retirement.
SM talks about when he and DM renewed their vows.
SM discuss his past travel experiences and teaching English in China.
SM talks about working for IBM.
SM shares memories of traveling Vietnam.
DM reflects on what she has learned through traveling.
DM asks SM to share about books he has written.
DM talks about people she and SM have met while speaking about his books.
SM reflects on his writing career and describes the plot of one of his novels.
DM asks SM how he developed the characters in his books.
SM asks DM what or who has influenced her in life.
SM asks DM if she has any regrets in life.
SM shares wisdom he has gained over the course of his life.


  • Stephen McGuire
  • Doris McGuire

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