Steve Strain and Ray Bosch

Recorded August 24, 2023 Archived August 24, 2023 45:11 minutes
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One Small Step partners Ray Bosch (68) and Steve Strain (53) get to know each other and discuss the Civil Rights Movement and the Trump administration.

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Ray Bosch (RB) and Steve Strain (SS) discuss why they decided to participate in the One Small Step program.
RB ask SS about his experiences being apart of a military family.
SS talks about his work as a broadcaster and how it is his passion in life.
RB talks about how he developed his interest in politics.
RB talks about registering for the draft during the Vietnam War.
SS talks about the Black Lives Matter Movement and how his support for it developed overtime.
RB discusses his religious path that brought him to practice Buddhism.
SS talks about the controversy surrounding the media and how they fan the flame to increase profits.
SS brings up the topic of former President Donald Trump and the MAGA movement.
SS and RB discuss the Trump indictments and his role in January 6th.
SS and RB compare former elections to the the Biden v. Trump election.


  • Steve Strain
  • Ray Bosch

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121 N. Mead Street

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