Summer Ehrig and Jerry Lawrence

Recorded December 15, 2019 Archived December 15, 2019 38:29 minutes
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Summer Ehrig (25) interviews her grandfather Jerry Lawrence (72) about his upbringing and how he feels about his family's future.

Subject Log / Time Code

SE asks JL what his childhood was like.
SE asks JL how he met his wife.
JL discusses, recollects his daughter and her motorcycles.
SE and JL discuss JL's wedding anniversary being on Groundhog Day.
JL discusses his hopes for his family's future.
SE asks JL what advice he has for folks to stay married.
JL discusses his indigenous heritage.
JL shares wisdom.
JL asks SE how she plans to help her family in the future.
JL discusses her marriage and long lasting love.


  • Summer Ehrig (b. 1994)
  • Jerry Lawrence (b. 1943)

Recording Location

Yuma Art Center