Susanne Haynes and Steven Woods

Recorded May 4, 2023 Archived May 4, 2023 48:21 minutes
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One Small Step partners Steven "Steve" Woods (81) and Susanne "Susi" Haynes (49) discuss their involvement in community theatre, how they maintain their health, and their differing viewpoints on abortion.

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Steven "Steve" Woods (SW) and Susanne "Susi" Haynes (SH) share why they wanted to participate in One Small Step.
SH describes her involvement in improvisational theatre work and how expressing her conservative Christian views led to backlash.
SW describes his volunteer work in his local arts and theatre community.
Both partners share some of their family backgrounds.
Both partners share what they do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
SW describes his second career running a non-profit for children with disabilities.
Both partners share more about their backgrounds.
SH describes being "attacked" for her beliefs.
SW shares political figure he has admired in his lifetime.
Both partners describe their personal political values.
Both partners share their views on abortion.
Both partners share what they will take from this experience.


  • Susanne Haynes
  • Steven Woods

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