The Great Thanksgiving Interview: My Roommate describes herself and her life in a Nutshell

Recorded November 19, 2018 Archived November 19, 2018 40:29 minutes
Id: APP544706


In this interview conducted over Thanksgiving 2018 in Plymouth, New Hampshire, Lucy Thatcher (20) interviews her roommate and best friend Kaitlyn Robicheau Hall (18) about her life, random facts, hopes and future. Miss Robicheau Hall shares her stories from growing up in Nashua, New Hampshire, favourite hobbies, her hopes for her future children and grandchildren, and her art education degree, as well as, answers some random questions about the things that she likes and why, whether it be space or ice cream - she shares it all. From the personal to the quirky, she tells her story and how it makes her who she is. At the end of the interview, she shares with Miss Thatcher her passions for education and aspirations for the future of art in her country.


  • Kaitlyn Robicheau Hall

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