The Firefighting Dad!

Recorded December 3, 2019 Archived December 3, 2019 16:37 minutes
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In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Junior at Egg Harbor Township HS, Niki Danz (17) interviews her dad Bill Danz (46) about his 27 years of being a firefighter. He shares his story about how much training and work you must put in to being a volunteer firefighter when having a day job. He also tells us about experiences he will never forget being a firefighter, and how traumatizing and how much courage and strength you need to be a first responder. He shares the reason for becoming a firefighter was because he has been around it his whole life, being raised in a family where his father is also in the fire service.


  • Bill Danz
  • Niki Danz

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