The Rodney King Riots of 1992

Recorded November 1, 2018 Archived November 1, 2018 51:56 minutes
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I interviewed my two uncles and my mom about their experience being in LA when the Rodney King riots occurred.


  • Ian Bahe

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00:01 All right. So the date is October 29th, and I'm here with my two uncles, Rory and Robert has want to say hi.

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00:12 That's fine. I'm also here with my mom, just in case you want to say some stuff.

00:18 All right, so I figured I should just start off with where you guys from.

00:23 I've lived for most of my life in Long Beach, California, and we lived in Long Beach when the riot happened every night live together in a simple Long Beach. I'm currently living just outside of Palm Springs in the community. Call Desert Hot Springs.

00:47 So, you from the California area and you've always live there.

00:54 10 minutes.

00:57 Just kind of stayed in Long Beach.

01:06 Do you like living in LA, or would you rather live somewhere else in California?

01:15 A huge Community. I I guess it's kind of daunting if you're from outside. Yeah, definitely. One of the things of Rory and I really enjoyed doing as we would go out for proof.

01:34 Food for dinner, one night or we would go out to Chinatown.

01:46 There are different neighborhoods in areas where different people loaf of cultural or ethnic background have gotten together to live and you can go into those areas and experience their culture and enjoy seeing different types of love.

02:13 So earlier you mentioned the riots. I'm assuming you're talking about the Rodney King riots for everyone listening since Roy still off the phone. Do you want to kind of go into the history of what happened to Rodney King?

02:26 I'll tell you what we knew was going on. There's plenty of documentation. After the fact on what actually was happening back. Then we didn't have the 24-hour news cycle, like, you know, CNN or any of the other new channels that are on all the time. We have been currently, he was speeding to avoid getting arrested by the police. He

02:58 Stories, I remember it was that he was on probation and was trying to avoid getting pulled over by the police because he violated his probation somehow. I'm not sure exactly how it happened. But he pulled his car over and got out of the car and was just brutally beaten by the police. The police were to where somebody in apartment buildings. Nearby had a video camera and was filming the whole thing that happened. They started showing up on the news. We all saw the videotape. We saw what happened, people were very upset. The officers were arrested. They were taken taken to court.

03:47 Filed in David. The riots started. We heard around noon that the trial head-to-head, come to an end. They had reached a verdict in the verdict. Was going to be announced at 3:30, which is odd because it was around noon when we heard that. So it was like a three and a half hour difference from the time. The verdict was reached to the time. It was going to be made public everybody that I was working with was very concerned. We thought o that this is going to be really bad there.

04:22 Holding off on announcing the verdict so that they can deploy police because there have been rumors and there were going to be riots. If the police were acquitted. I worked at the time that the Queen Mary, the big luxury liner dock in Long Beach, Harbor. When we heard that the verdict was read, we were able to get to a television set in one of the one of the off. And we started hearing about

04:54 Unrest, in, in South Central LA, which is the black neighborhood is, directly south of downtown, LA.

05:05 That's about.

05:07 15 to 20 miles from where I was working. We were just about to get off work. We were concerned because we heard there was rioting. We didn't know where it was going to be. So, I went with a couple of people that I work with up to the two, we were about eight storeys above the water line up at the Wheelhouse for the captain would steer the ship. And we can look straight up the longest freeway, which is the freeway that I would drive home on. It also kind of goes up towards downtown LA. And when I looked out, you know, to the north along, the freeway, I can see plumes of smoke from fires was bad.

05:57 I ended up leaving to go home shortly. Thereafter was very concerned, very worried about driving home, on the freeway. Some kind of problem because I had heard that people were gathering on the overpasses in a rumor. We didn't have any way of knowing if it was actually happening or not. But you know, when things are not the way they should.

06:36 I did finally make it home or we could see driving home, several fires around fires to the north of us, to the west, to the west of us into the south of the expensive. Parts of Long Beach were also on fire. We didn't quite know what to do. In the meantime. We were planning for your mother and your aunt, Jay Dee and Dan to come out and visit us.

07:10 Figure out. What the North Dakota.

07:17 We heard they were imposing martial law or they were going to have turf.

07:23 Grocery store scrambling around trying to get all the things we needed to to host three house guests for a week. Still trying to keep an ear on the news and make sure everything was okay. Little did we know the riots were going to go on for 5 days?

07:41 Could you explain what Marshall eyes?

07:45 I'm sorry. I am. Could you explain to everyone what martial law is? I'm not sure. I even understand what martial law is.

08:05 California, I believe it was Pete Wilson at the time called out the National Guard. We we saw armed convoys of national Guardsmen with rifles and guns, driving up and down the streets. We were told that we couldn't leave our house after Sunset. And Before Sunrise movies.

08:31 Required by law to stay inside the house at night. We had

08:39 Areas of town, the renewed, we couldn't go into a cell Central for one part of Long Beach for another, because it was just simply too dangerous at the time.

08:50 Marshall Law situation, the government. So the governor have surgery broad Powers certain civil rights, like the freedom to assemble the freedom to to protest and amnon or two tailed, in order to try to get to bring order back into the end of the society. We were going through right at that point. And so for the first few days of the riots, how heavy was a news coverage, or was it just kind of mass chaos.

09:25 The first time I ever remember seeing non-stop 24 hour news constantly on, I remember turning on the TV.

09:45 This man was driving a truck. He pulled into an intersection in in the heart of Central LA Florence and Normandie surrounded his truck. They pulled him out of the truck and picked up a brick on the ground and walked through the brick at his head and then he did like a touchdown dance after he did it with flying around the area for showing this life and it was very very funny. And then once it actually happened,

10:33 Every 5 or 10 minutes to show it again. Is it really awful?

10:38 I know. My mom is telling me earlier that many multiple like smaller riots broke out another bigger cities around the US. Did you hear anything about that? Or it's just mostly about La at the time?

10:51 Riots in the other.

10:54 Angeles.

10:57 It it really all boiled down to the Rodney King. He did not deserve to be treated the way that he was treated. And the numbers of the black community is that they were very upset about that until they have no voice. And then when the policemen were actually acquitted, they felt that they were using that behave. The same thing going on today on Martin Luther King of the same story, sort of over and over again.

11:41 I thought you mentioned earlier about planning for my mom and my dad and my mom sister coming to town. What did you do when she eventually did come to town?

11:51 Play Amazing Grace with a fly-in. Do they have pretty much stopped all flights going in and out of Los Angeles? International Airport. When when everybody came into town, we tried to listen to the news to find out if it was going to be safe for us even to drive from Long Beach. Over to the airport about it, about a 20-mile drive. When we did get there. It was like a ghost town. There were no cars there. There was no traffic. There was no noise of an airplane.

12:32 And,

12:36 Set the time to Aurora, and I both had very small cars. He had a Volkswagen and I have a little Dodge Colt. So just tired of them coming in, on Saturday. We should, we call it the rental car company. We had rented, a midsize car was because we can drive everybody around inside car and the guy says, I am alive.

13:02 Nobody's done anything this week.

13:04 Burgundy, Sedan DeVille to drive around in.

13:11 Is Cornell a Swisher? Did we end up doing those?

13:32 My focus became trying to make sure that they had a good vacation. I saved a lot of money to come a long distance and I didn't want them to have it. I'm so worried and I work on monitoring the news to figure out what was going on. We're just trying to figure out what we can do to avoid those areas and still give everybody a good time. But because we couldn't go out to shop at certain hours a day and night. And yeah, I just went to interject a little bit here. I'm Rory, and the first weekend, so you guys came out. We decided to avoid Los Angeles. So we ended up going to send you a ride. We went to San Diego Zoo, which is about 2 hours south. And basically, we stopped in Old Town and ate there. And I think the next day,

14:32 I'm not mistaken. Be actually went to Laguna and just went all the time. And I kind of wanted to avoid simply because of a still only eventually did go to Universal Studios when we drove through downtown. There was nothing on fire, but you can see palm trees that had been lit on fire. Somebody was able to reach him and Burnham and it was just kind of spooky. I kind of wanted to avoid LA and I know what we did is we were celebrating its taiji and JB both have birthdays in April. We had a birthday party. I think that was on Saturday. And when my sister who lives in Garden, Grove, in Orange County, she was not under a curfew and I asked her, I said, can you bring some ice cream? She said, well, why can't you get it? And I said, well, it's after dark and I can't get out and

15:32 We're running behind and I didn't get a chance to get some and she was kind of like a little taken aback. All you can't get ice cream. I said, no. I didn't. We have a curfew but where we live, you could come right off the freeway. And we were, like, right off the freeway on a couple blocks off, the freeway when she was really convenient and safe for her cuz I told her I said I really didn't want her driving, you know, or whatever. And even during that time too and we were constantly being the National Guard with rifles. We were seeing people on roofs, but with guns especially a really works for the phone company and phone company. Buildings are all the communications. Go through all the numbers are now, guard with rifles posted on the roof.

16:26 So we were seeing them everywhere. We went, it was, it was disturbing, not really knowing what was going on in the aftermath of the riots.

16:42 We didn't really know what the time. What was being damaged or burnt or where the riots were most of the time in the aftermath of the

16:54 Buildings and businesses that were burned.

16:57 For the most part were businesses that serve the community that actually burn them. Like the grocery stores are convenience stores, local businesses in the South Central Area were burned. A lot of the grocery store or convenience store at Community. Not even something. As simple as there was anger directed toward that in the one in Long Beach, was burned down. So, what ended up happening is, people would have to drive greater distances to go to the dealer to get a driver's license, or they have their license tags for your car.

17:52 Who was the very, very harmful in the long run to the people who were hurt initially by angered by the Rodney King verdict has written down here that there was more than 7,000 fire set in the LA area. And there was damage to over 3,100 businesses with 3.8 billion dollars in damage.

18:13 Set the time. We we didn't know the extent of it.

18:18 What was going on and we were?

18:20 Desperately to avoid it.

18:24 Going to give her our friends and family a good vacation.

18:32 I don't know tells you to we talk to you very much about what was going on or, or oh, yes. I was working my Toshi off getting ready to go on vacation and the Right started and I believe it was like 3 days after.

18:46 The light started that we were to fly out. Was it Wednesday to Saturday, or whatever. And, and I remember my husband that we weren't married yet. But at the time, he called Northwest Airlines and they said, yep, there are riots in Los Angeles and we will not fly you into a war zone. So you're very welcome to reschedule your airplane tickets for another time at no extra charge. And we were shocked by that sewed. And it was really serious. And you kept us. I know it. We were talking with you boys. A couple times a day.

19:22 To see, like, are we, are they flying in, are they not flying in? Or they've is airport, open. And then it was like, yeah. Yeah. Some what what they did to, I'm just in rejecting here, talk to you, but they solve their planes. Coming in, normally will fly from east to west and land at LAX, and they'll and heading west from east to west, and then you were taking off from west to east because they were going to avoid flying over any of that.

20:15 And basically I remember Grandpa Grandpa, Richard dad called he called me and I think that was on Friday and kind of wanted to touch base and Joni was on the line too, and they wanted to make sure that you guys would be okay. I kind of told him, you know, because everything turned what was happening in our area. And that and I told him, I said it, it seemed and I kind of explained. It void LA, and not be driving through. It. Definitely the first weekend. And I didn't know how long that would last whatever was going to happen. I knew that would probably be pretty much the first half of the week that you guys were out. Kind of stayed in Orange County San Diego, because we wanted to make sure we were driving you through any unsafe place as far away from the right area.

21:13 So what you guys stayed pretty safe, but do you know anyone that was directly affected by it? Like someone from Amore in her City. Part of town already. Friends like that.

21:24 Enough. We were talking to a good friend of ours. Yesterday. We had no idea you were going to call, but our friend Joe was telling us that he had a friend who lived in South Central LA.

21:37 Add a car break down and ask Pastor Joe if he could come up and pick him up and drive him somewhere. So he drove from Orange County up to self, pick him up. When the riots were happening and they ended up having their friend who was black, they had him drive the car while Joe and his friend Kurt, but who were very white. I laid down in the back seat. So nobody can see them that they drove out of town. So they they had no problem at all. They were very concerned that they would have problem with somebody who did have a problem in downtown Long Beach. We got to call, I was working in San Pedro, which is the Los Angeles Harbor, part of their life. They call it San Pedro cuz it's a Jason to the Long Beach Harbor. And

22:37 He got a call at work that his house was getting broken into somebody broke into a Dirt 4 units. His house with his burnt was broken into and he had two garages that were for storage of tools and things and he had some scary things in there like fridge and washer dryer. That's a matter fact. You didn't go home for about 4 or 5 days because of that the 10. It actually went over to his door and secure that they had already come in. I know that he got robbed. I don't know what he was taking exactly, but they went in and took whatever two things about you. He was never hurt and he didn't want to go there. I also work with

23:32 A woman who actually lived in South Central by when she went home. She openly talked. She said on the weekend should have her grandkids over and I said, well and Monday, I R Us are at work and it will what's going on and she said her back was bothering her so I had to sleep on the floor and I said, oh I said is your back bothering. You just know I sleep on the floor on the weekend because that's when the bullets fly and I said, oh you got to be kidding, but she canceled, just drink a normal weekend. She would sleep on the floor to make sure she would get hit by flying bullets, which was kind of bad. But I just that's the way it was. I was working that day that it started. And since I worked for the phone company, by the time it took Bell, I was in San Pedro and we have offices throughout Los Angeles and most of all

24:32 Is part of this auction at the time. It was DTE, but we heard that there was a problem and my boss actually, let us go home a day early. I got the IRA. I'm sorry. I half hour early that day because they knew things were going on. And I had called Robert at work and I said, Rob, so I take play take the Vincent, Thomas Bridge over into Long Beach and then go home that way. Or I said that, should I take the freeway? So I tripped. It normally would be like, maybe 20, 30 minutes took over 2 hours to get home. I remember on the freeway. It was just going to stop and go. I mean that's the only exceptionally crowded and I was kind of feeling uncomfortable, that was before that cell phone. So I was gone.

25:32 Thinking, you know, I want to get off the freeway. Is it going to be safe? It probably would have been okay, but there were parts of Long Beach. Like Robert had mentioned when we got home. We could see burning the DMV that did burn. That was where I got my very that's where I got my driver's license when I was 18 and it was burned to the ground but I don't ever recall. I know north of us was North Long Beach and it adjacent to Compton and there were things burning their, I know the guy that lives behind us in the above the garage apartment. I talked to him the next day after the riot started, that was on Thursday or Wednesday and he put a lock on the back gauge. Not that, I don't know if it would make any difference, but also told me if I see anybody coming on the street or otherwise, not that that was going to happen because I do remember,

26:28 I'm Saturday before you guys were flying in.

26:31 Basically, once we knew you were coming, I told Robert we were doing where I said, we got to mow the front lawn and Ivy you use an old push mower. So I said we'd hang out and be mowed it. The quickest will probably ever had done it cuz it's not that I expected somebody to drive down the street and, you know, shoot us or whatever. It was a bit uncomfortable. And I noticed we were out there and we're almost finishing up and sleeping in all getting everything, cleaned up a lady stopped. And I was a white lady. She came in to stop and show your young daughter in the past and she leaned over and she told Robert and me, she said, you know, I just had to stop and tell you it's really nice to see somebody doing something ordinary. She said because it's been feeling just awful with the riots nice and I could definitely relate to what she said and it was just something that I just thought of a kind of strange for her to stop and say, God,

27:31 Like to see somebody do something ordinary, but it was feeling, it was pretty spooky. And I know when we went to LAX to pick you guys up on Saturday at the airport, when we pulled in the parking structure, it did it normally would probably hold it was. I think three or four stories. These three stories you can park on the top. But when we pulled in, there may have been maybe two other cars there and then be pulled in and just parked. It was kind of eerie. And I know you guys got off the plane. This is prior to 9/11, but we like to get your luggage. There was like maybe maybe 20 pieces of luggage came to the Carousel and that was it. I mean, it was like normally it'll come down from where yours was just a bit. I mean, it was kind of spooky, and I was mentioning to Robert to we're not talking about the Watts Riots, but I was

28:31 Parents died when I was nine years old and I remember we lived in Wilmington, which is adjacent to Long Beach and it's in the Los Angeles, Harbor is just called them again, part of Los Angeles, but I remember seeing smoke and and I'd I could see Flames but I saw Smoke and Things turning that. And I remember how concerned mom and dad were sitting in front of the TV black and white TV watching it and I didn't even know that Dad owns a 22 rifle but he had gotten it out, cleaned it up and apparently I got bullets for whatever good it would have done if I don't know. But he was Disturbed are upset enough that he actually and I didn't even know, it was just kind of a very spooky spooky thing to go through in addition to, you know, what we were going through with you.

29:31 King riots Hotel central riots. He was remembering back to the Watts Riots happen when he was 9 years old. So he had an extra.

29:43 Yeah, and I remember, I do remember, mom staying up late at late in the night and Mom smoked whenever she smoked she was concentrating. But I remember her just sitting in my bedroom and Mom and Dad and I could hear the light her Bic. Lighter her Zippo lighter and Juan are trying to get some rest. I worked for Pacific Bell, and one of our Central offices that collect. It was a collection center. In south-central is correct, and I noticed that I knew that at the time.

30:43 When customers had service, we disconnected before worded their telephone service, wherever they needed it too. And we reconnected it. If it were going to come back all at no charge and social during the Rodney King riots during the Rodney King riots people tell so disenfranchised that they felt their only alternative was to Riot and it was kind of thinking that it happened not once but twice already and the Los Angeles area has never happen again, but I'm hoping, I know, now, the police working La is much more diverse and there's much more, there's a drive to have women on the force and people of color minority's and who's the way it should be.

31:43 Things that came out of the rioters is the LAPD for one end and other police departments around the LA area Outreach. So they could bring in the Southeast Asian officer. Black officer, Hispanic officer standing within the police department of the different cultural and in the community has helped an awful lot here as far as making things much better and in the wake of the riots, this is one of the thing D, whenever they have the pride parade in June at the festival. There was always a Los Angeles, Police Department. Recruiting are they were there to get lgbtq people to join them and I will try to fight what kind of need

32:43 In any kind of a macro sense, is it in order to live as a society? And as a community, you have to be able to associate with all members of the community and learn to respect and understanding in the LAPD, which had the culture of of being a very wide organization. And even a little bit racist, the time began to diversify began to open up their ranks and began to understand different members of the community, and that's helped an awful lot.

33:17 Yeah, I know at the beginning of this interview. You said that LA's kind of divided into so many different ethnic areas and reading up on the Rodney King trial and understanding that I think it was 10 of the jury members were white.

33:32 And there is one Asian. So it's really nice to hear that. I'm kind of sad to Simi Valley. We should be in Ventura County which is a little bit more they felt it to the racial tensions would be left there. But the Simi Valley also is a very white area and that's why you have a predominantly white, Jerry. Yeah, but that also upset

34:04 So I know you said earlier that they haven't even rebuilt, some of these grocery stores and businesses that have been burnt down. If you go on a drive through LA's, there like still areas where you can see, the effects of riots or is it mostly cleaned up by now?

34:19 My nails are pretty much cleaned up, but there were

34:24 Grocery store.

34:30 Did not too long before the Rodney King riots were the Watts Riots. And we're even talking about the same Community has come in after the Watts Riots and unit built into in a grocery store or whatever it is. They have that burned down. Those companies are very reluctant to come back into the area. There was JC Penney,, Can I think it was? And then there was a Montgomery Ward's and I remember a Safeway grocery store. All those were burnt during the day, but today, if I'm not mistaken, it's been 2 years cuz I work in that area. Also those land to land where it was still empty times. You can just be easy slab where there was a business, but there's nothing there and it's still to this day. There's nothing

35:25 And I don't know, I shouldn't say that to this day, but I haven't been through there. Probably in the last 10-15 years.

35:36 I know this sounds like such a giant event that I'm kind of shocked that in all of my years of school and we never once talked about this Riot or even the wants one or anything like it. And do you like a reason that you think there's a reason why?

35:53 It is just saying I think because of something that's difficult.

35:58 Also, I don't want to get all political here, but we're kind of seeing the same thing happening again and again. And again, like I mentioned the riots in St. Louis about 5 years ago. I'm just getting to Baltimore not too long ago over over perceived Injustice 2. Misconduct by the police. The whole black lives matter movement is the same thing was going on the Rodney King where they believe that the police are are mistreating their community and not giving them the same respect that they would get someone else. So the same, as you still exist and maybe that's why it's not just us so often, because we still having problems with it and help, find a solution to the problem.

36:51 So do you think, is there like anything that you learned personally from the riots? Or do you think that the world learned anything from the riots?

37:00 I worked at the time, there was a young lady. I work with her name is Carolyn, Carolyn was black and

37:09 I learned a lot from her about how her community, how the black community was, was understanding, what was going on with the Rodney King. And in all of this, I didn't I didn't know that there was such a

37:27 Kind of a simmering anger about the way that the police were treating members of the black community. I just learned that from Carolyn and it made me understand a lot better. Some of the other things that I'm seeing. Now, you know what to do things like this on Martin shooting or, or 500 standing their perspective, a lot better. And it's because the riots opened up a conversation that I never really had had a show in a way. That was a good thing for me personally.

38:06 I think Santa macrocentra largest in the idea of diversification and and including different cultural and ethnic groups in organizations, like LAPD or other organizations that have have authority. It has done a lot to improve.

38:30 How we all deal with each other?

38:33 So, I think in a lot of ways, it changed me personally by helping me understand that the disease.

38:44 Perceived in justices are very wheel.

38:48 In the people in the black community, I think had every right to be very upset. I don't agree with with the riots.

38:58 But I think sometimes,

39:00 People get upset and they overreacted and it just kind of snowballed and happened. And I do believe it's probably part of it was probably just going to trash it if they just felt disenfranchised, giving schooling opportunities work opportunities. It was pretty much just unfair. And I know that's part of Dale, Princeton, I think part of it was a riot at. It was bothering me too. Because I remember when the police were so overwhelmed they pulled out and they were showing the helicopter hovering and showing looting taking place and there were no police and there was nobody there. And basically lot of people I can see a lot of people who felt so. Yeah, I can just go get what I want. I did work across the street while I worked at one central office in the phone company, that was actually in Compton.

40:00 I'm not doing the right themselves, the friends that work there. I told me that across the street was a

40:08 Furniture store in basically, what happened? Is it me? It was looted and then it was burnt and unfortunately, that never came back. She is it still was left just kind of vacant. It's mostly industrial with her. And I think that Americans also the largest community in La, there's probably they felt a little disenfranchised too because a lot of them were immigrants. And I think that many of the Hispanic or the black community felt that they owned a lot of businesses within the South Central area. And they felt, I don't know if. I don't know, if you would consider it jealousy that they are. And after the riots, there was a lot of

40:59 I would assume that you would have been a lot of post-traumatic stress disorder, because it could not have been easy for older people, senior citizens that were there. And it's just kind of, it's, it's kind of a shame that a lot of things that were gone and they don't have that. Now, they have to go even further to do just ordinary things, I buy groceries, and I think that as far as afterwards.

41:31 I think things have changed but then again, I know that since Obama has been president. A lot of racial tensions were brought up during his presidency. And I think I don't want to speak badly of trump. But I think he kind of has claimed from pensions and because of the advances in

41:57 Uniting Americans. He kind of has divided us a little bit and and it should be a matter of us and damn where all that's one thing. I like about some California here. And I love that about Long Beach to. It was a live-and-let-live community synagogue in our neighborhood where we live and the us, see them going to have it on Saturday. There were all Races and it's just and it doesn't matter if you don't have to worry about, you know, looking over your shoulder or thinking that you're it, you know, if somebody it just was it just more comfortable and its Society. If you have the best of everything, I think this is Theresa strength that a bond. Yeah, same time.

42:53 Diversity recognizes individuality at the same time. It it Embraces homeless in community, living in Long Beach. And I truly do love about living here in the desert. Maybe in a way that's part of the lesson was learned to embrace and try to understand where another person.

43:20 Just coming from and why they think and feel the way they do because it is valid, you know, if they are upset about the way that they they perceive that they're being treated. That's a valid concern in her needs to be addressed.

43:37 Kind of enclosing do you think that as a country or even just have the City and LA? Do you think that were moving towards a spot where we can kind of avoid something like this from ever happening again, or is it just kind of been stagnant ever since?

43:52 Honestly, I felt

43:56 Better about the direction that this

44:00 Society was going until just very recently and now I'm very concerned about it.

44:06 I filled it to did. We were making great strides, you know, maybe because we're were used to the diversity of the leaves. Your poor is here, but I'm seeing that there is a real division between different classes in different groups of people again, and after that is the spark, that could light a bomb like the riot. And do you think that Trump has ignited?

44:33 You know how I think. I think that

44:42 It's hard to say. I don't want to disrespect people who are, are fans of presidents from, but at the same time, I think that there's dinner course, was added to our dialogue. Now, that wasn't there before and that coarseness include racism. Do you know obviously after after the recent situation, Pittsburgh things that I thought were going away are now sort of coming back and I think that that is frightening me more than anything.

45:18 I I don't see a better angel, coming forward to talk about about diversity in about inclusion, iic of talk about exclusion calling and calling people low intelligence that are black. Congressmen, obviously, not low intelligence being drawn again and I hit hope that they had long ago, been erased, but then I think the younger kids college kids and people going up today are some of them are multi-racial and it's more acceptable today and they will be the feet of the people that change things. If I think that, as he as they get older, I realize that is, that's the way it should be. That it's, it's just, it just seems

46:13 This way should be.

46:18 And I hate to say this, but at the same time I think that I'm having young people coming up and do because that's not the world that they want to live in.

46:55 And learn from their opinion. It's either. I'm on this team in, you're not so, you know, you're, you know, somehow I anti-American or anti whatever and in that dark horses that division is, what's going to lead to more problems down the line. I'm afraid you have to be able to talk to each other. You have to be able to empathize and understand each other. You know, I'm right. You're wrong, you know, you know.

47:28 Idea, this is it.

47:32 Compromise is bad. But either you're on my side or or your evil. It is going to rip this country apart that used to be the decision, or Congressman, Congressman was down in the Shell case. I want to do exit, the other congressmen. One thing I want to do wise, they just heard they talk to each other, then come up with an ex-wife Solutions. Now, they don't ignore you. Or you do, why are we or we're not going to listen to you? There's no compromise. There's no discussion and I are the misunderstandings begin to take place and that's where things like.

48:09 And I think to having more women in government. It seemed to be a little bit better at at compromise then men and I know that but I do believe that will help to have more women.

48:27 In government where they, they seem to be a little bit better at taking a consensus, and not just that feelings. Come to something that is doable and good for the group without because many times. I think that women feel like they may not be

49:01 A minority.

49:03 It's basically, you'll be better represented. And I think that that will actually be better overall.

49:12 So kind of to wrap up this interview. If you want someone to take one thing away from the riots. What do you think? That one thing should be that kind of help us move on.

49:25 Could come from the right. I think we should all learn to be better listeners that we should learn to understand each other points of view and and try to see

49:39 How to make ourselves better.

49:42 By listening to each other. If we had understood.

49:46 Why the black community was upset about the Rodney King riots why they felt at the police department was not treating them fairly.

49:57 And why it was important for them to feel that they had at least avoid shalisa, say in in deciding how they could be treated. That would be good. And I think the steps have been made by making the forces more diverse.

50:15 But at the same time,

50:21 This treatment still seems to continue.

50:24 I don't see it so much here as I see it. In other parts of the country. So we have, we have to realize, it's just

50:33 We need to listen to each other. We'd understand each other. We need to hear each other. You're not not this, you know, you have a different opinion. So, you know, therefore you don't count if we need to be able to listen and I think.

50:47 The biggest lesson they can come from from the Rodney King riots. As if we had just listened to and understood what the black community was hearing and feeling and and concerned about, if we had just looked at.

51:05 Call.

51:08 Even moving the trial to an area that was basically all white and making pretty much an all-white jury how that's proceed by the black community. How that Jerry was not a jury of their peers.

51:25 That's one of the things that I, I

51:34 Can you give me some mom?

51:37 Alright, well, thank you guys so much for talking with me for so long.

51:43 Guests. Thank you for sharing your story.

51:46 Of course, no problem.

51:49 All right, when you guys have a good night.

51:51 Pretty and good luck with your report. Thank you.