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Me: Hello my name is Mark Zamor and today I am with L.P who is a person in recovery with drugs and today we will be interviewing her, what is a pivotal moment that made you want to change your life?
Her: Well ummm I entered recovery when I had a case with the DYFS, I got my kids removed from my home, and at that point it wasn’t I didn’t weigh out for me to continue to use it was worth it to not.
Me: Can you remember how, why, or who you started misusing drugs or alcohol?
Her: Yes ummmm, I started drinking when I was 15 ummm- my dad was an alcoholic, my stepmom was an alcoholic, and later on I found out that they were also using drugs. My sisters used drugs way before I was 15 and somehow I got sucked into the party, when I was 17 I started smoking weed and I tried some other things after that. But umm weed was my most used thing, what made it hard for me to quit was my ex husband he was abusive and that was the only piece I had and I believe he was link to my other weed in another things that mad it addicted and I just found myself at a point where I couldn’t stop.
Me: do you have any regrets of using these drugs?
Her: Yes *chuckle* at this point I can clearly see how using drugs contributed to like my life being in shambles I blew through thousands and thousands of dollars I lost a lot of friends I didn’t get as far as I wanted in life because I was using drugs and it just seemed like that answer to everything but it really I could’ve been so much further and so much happier if I was clean and didn’t experiment with drugs
Me: How do you feel or think differently about drugs and alcohol now?
Her: Hold on I need a second.
Me: Have you lost any friends or family from drug or alcohol and did that influence your behavior or outlook?
Her: Yes I did, somebody I knew that was very active in the church started using drugs pretty much overnight and he actually overdosed and I lived with him at the time he passed away and I just seen the addiction come back in him and taking him over it was very scary to me and when I went to rehab I got close to a lot of people that would be clean one day and the next day you see them they look like skin and bones and they look like dead and it’s like this show me how powerful it is and how real and strong of a hold it was on people.
Me: How do you feel or think differently about drugs and alcohol now?
Her: I don’t think it’s harmless anymore? Because I actually seen people die because of it. Speaking of those people I almost died of it and did overdose and did not know what was happening but I never did that again. I just see how harmless it is because growing in a home where drugs are normalized one of my the therapist pointed that out to me that I didn’t see anything wrong with it and it’s definitely something wrong with having a dependency on drugs and alcohol I don’t completely condemn it because it’s way to be responsible around it and moderation I still don’t think marijuana is a bad drug that was my drug of choice because it really is a medical intervention but I would just say there are ways to be responsible with drugs just like weed being a medical intervention it can be misused as well that’s the biggest piece I’ve took an away from it


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