Timiera Jackson and Dominique Turner

Recorded July 29, 2020 Archived July 29, 2020 05:36 minutes
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Timiera Jackson (17) talks with her stepsister Dominique Turner (24) about how the new way of the world has affected her and her life.


  • Timiera Jackson
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00:00 Hi, my name is Tamara Jackson. I'm 17 years old. Today is Wednesday, July 29th, and I'm speaking with my step sister Dominique Turner. This interview is taking place in San Antonio, Texas. So Dominique, how you been with everything going on.

00:17 I meant been better now, since it's kind of been the norm.

00:24 It's been the norm for the past few months. But in the beginning, it was definitely hard to adjust to the regulations and listening to CDC, or who do? I listen to just a really confusing time, but now it's much better just staying home. So, how long would you say it took you to adjust to the way things are? Now, I would say, about a couple months, like 2 months. Literally, your whole like life changes. I can when you do not allowed to go places or their clothes, or they have different hours and stuff. So, it took some time for us to adjust.

01:11 So, were there any specific adjustments that were a little harder to commit to than others?

01:23 I guess. Well, we stopped work. I stopped working. So that was an adjust adjustment. I'm going to the gym. Like the gems has closed down like, out of nowhere. That was kind of tough cuz we would go to the gym like everyday. And then I'm just not being social like what their friends and feeling comfortable to hang out with other people. So,

01:47 So you said you stopped working with that because of the pandemic or was that something else? No, because of the pandemic?

01:58 So you've mentioned a lot about the changes in the adjustments that you had to make because of this pandemic. So now I'm going to ask you about your involvement with nature and just being outside in general.

02:15 So how often would you say you've been outside since March?

02:21 I'm outside about a hundred times and we're pretty active people. We have four dogs. So we do take them outside. So they get kind of antsy being in the house all the time, too. And they're a little getting their kind of confused. Like, why are they just staying home all the time? Are they ever going to leave? But we just take them outside to the parks and it will whenever they go to the park, so I will just go for walks.

02:48 So is that more or less than before the pandemic and why on the same we've always taken our dogs Health seriously and like going out in the evenings and stuff. So has there been any changes in your life because of the pandemic that you think are really good changes, for example, because of this pandemic, I started writing more and I started taking the time to read more books, which I think is really good. So, do you have anything like that? I'm at been reading more. I started a business. Just trying to be more productive with our time instead of. Like I know it looks kind of dark in here, but it's I don't know what's next year but like spending my time doing other things and being like, watching Netflix and stuff. So, I mentioned you made

03:48 Business, can you tell me more about that? Yeah, I joined like a a vegan hair care and skin care company and so like a business partner now really cool.

04:03 So do you feel like you're all quarantined out? I mean, I know just from people on social media and some of my classmates that they just can't wait for this to be over and they're at the point where they're just refusing to believe that it's still going on. So, I mean, are you at that point where you just like done with it or do you feel like you can continue with this quarantine lifestyle? I think it's a little different for me because I have to think about I'm pregnant, so I have to think about my daughter so I can stay quarantine like I this has really made me think about like how dirty people are and how dirty like the grocery store is or how people don't wash their hands and they're making a big deal about like wearing a mask like it's

04:51 If it were very inconsiderate, so for them to get other people sick, they're not very concerned. So I can stay quarantined.

05:00 And I probably will for the rest of the year. So I guess, I mean, this has made me even more of a homebody than before. So I'm all for just staying here and getting stuff done. Yeah.

05:16 That is all of my questions. Thank you. I feel like I do all the interviews. Your perspective was really different from my classmates, cuz I mean, you're like a working adults. So, thank you. I appreciate the time.

05:34 You're welcome.