Tracey Parker and Loryl Tabone

Recorded June 25, 2023 Archived June 25, 2023 47:21 minutes
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One Small Step Partners, Tracey Parker (54) and Loryl Tabone (46), take an hour to share insights and perspectives on politics in the family, trans issues, voting patterns, and their life's current sources of joy.

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Tracey Parker and Loryl Tabone discuss their respective upbringings and the influence it had on their parenting styles.
Loryl and Tracey discuss how politics are discussed in their family and how they deliberate over their voting choices.
Loryl and Tracey discuss political issues that are currently divisive, particularly transgenderism.
Tracey shares her experience as the mother of two transgendered children.
The pair discuss how their politics have evolved since 2016.
The pair share what is bringing them each joy and stress. As well as what they’ll remember about the conversation.


  • Tracey Parker
  • Loryl Tabone

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