Troy Sanders and Rafael Norwood

Recorded June 11, 2023 Archived June 11, 2023 37:44 minutes
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Troy Sanders (26) interviews his boyfriend Rafael Norwood (34) about Rafael’s early childhood, his identity, his career path in higher education, and the Club Q mass shooting.

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R talks to T about where he is from and what it was like growing up in Oregon.
R tells T how difficult it was to find his identity growing up in a small town.
R recalls studying languages.
R remembers getting into higher education as a career.
T asks R about his current work.
R discusses the intersections of being part of both queer and minority communities.
R tells T his hopes to expand his department.
T asks R what happened at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs following the mass shooting at Club Q.
R gives advice to individuals who want to communicate their safety concerns.


  • Troy Sanders
  • Rafael Norwood

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Plaza of the Rockies


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