Troy Wright and Madeleine Williams

Recorded August 31, 2022 Archived August 31, 2022 41:43 minutes
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Troy Wright (52) talks with his daughter Madeleine Williams (28) about their respective life journeys and shared love for music.

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(M) talks about potentially having children with her new husband, Sam. She isn't sure if they want to have kids or not.
(T) talks to (M) about having children, saying, "It is a level of love that you will just never understand until you get there, but it's not the only amazing life experience that you can have."
(M) discusses some of the challenges she has experienced trying to finish school and get real-world, hands-on experience in her field.
(T) and (M) recorded some songs together and talk about amazing the experience was.
(T) talks about how proud he is of (M).


  • Troy Wright
  • Madeleine Williams

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Boise State Public Radio