Vallie Jackson, Julie Turner, and Katherine Spencer

Recorded July 15, 2023 Archived July 15, 2023 36:45 minutes
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Vallie Jackson (87) speaks with her other children Katherin Spenser (74) and Julie Turner (61) about her life working for their family.

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Vallie Jackson says that she is devoted to all of her families.
Julie Turner asks Vallie about her birth children.
Vallie speaks about growing up in Oakridge, LA.
Vallie speaks about picking cotton.
Vallie's family moved to Monroe, LA and her father bought a plot of land for $150 and built a shotgun house.
Katherine Spenser mentions that she remembers JIM CROW rules in the movie theaters.
Vallie explains the relationship between herself and their parents - she worked for them for over 50 years. Their oldest daughter was 10, Katherine was 8, and Julie hadn't been born.
Vallies shares that their parents provided her five cars of the time period that she worked for them.
The girls went to Vallie's home often.
Vallie tells the story of inviting Katherine to Julie's house.


  • Vallie Jackson
  • Julie Turner
  • Katherine Spencer

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