Weston Archuleta and Lukas Archuleta

Recorded April 15, 2023 Archived April 15, 2023 33:11 minutes
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Brothers Weston Archuleta (32) and Lukas Archuleta (29) discuss their family history and their journey to understand their Indigenous heritage as the descendants of enslaved Indigenous people. They also reflect on New Mexican culture and life in Santa Fe.

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W and L share how they learned of their Indigenous history and reflect on how their family discussed their identity and heritage growing up. They also remember their grandfather.
W and L discuss the importance of reclaiming and reconnecting with their heritage. They speak about the relationships and dynamics of their family.
W and L discuss their grandfather's sense of identity. L reflects on leaving New Mexico for college.
W and L reflect on the narrative in their family and other New Mexican families about their Spanish ancestry and the effort to erase and deny Indigenous ancestry.
W and L imagine what life was like for their family in the San Luis Valley in the 1860s and describe their great-grandfather's life.
W and L discuss the social dynamics and gentrification of Santa Fe. They express their frustration at the erasure of Indigenous enslavement in New Mexican history.
W and L reflect on the impact of generational trauma on identity. They describe the sense of loss and the challenges of reconnecting with their roots caused by the systemic erasure of Indigenous heritage and history.
W and L discuss prominent Santa Fe artists and the ways they have co-opted culture and caused harm.
W and L discuss the complexities of New Mexican identity and how it plays out in their family. They reflect on how they feel about being descendants of enslaved Indigenous people.
W and L speak about the challenges youth in New Mexico face.


  • Weston Archuleta
  • Lukas Archuleta

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