Winston Bromley and Michael O'Dell

Recorded June 14, 2021 Archived June 13, 2021 39:29 minutes
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Micheal O'Dell (33) is interviewed by his friend and colleague Winston Bromley (49) about his time in the Marines and his difficult transition back to civilian life.

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MO talks about joining the Marines while he was on probation
MO talks about his first deployment - sent on a commercial flight on his own to Iraq
MO remembers his friend Spencer who killed himself a month into deployment and how that changed him
MO talks about alcohol addition post-deployment and being drugged and sexually assaulted
MO talks about his difficulty adjusting to civilian life and his more than 30 arrests
MO talks about his 3-year prison sentence and how signing the papers felt similar to signing his military enlistment
MO discusses how things turned around for him in and after prison "in some ways those 2 years in prison were the happiest I'd been since I was 14"
Advice for people interested in joining the military


  • Winston Bromley
  • Michael O'Dell