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Frank worked as a laborer and surveyor in the construction of the World Trade Center, as well as many other skyscrapers and tunnels in and around New York City. He talks about what this work meant to him and how he feels about the destruction of the towers.

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- a poem he wrote on the wall of the Trade Towers when it was still being built
-- he felt himself to be a part of the skyline


  • Francis (Frank) Feeley
  • Carol Feeley


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00:00 Okay, can you please tell me your name?

00:04 Okay, my name is Carol Feeley. I'm 26 years old. It's now March 1st 2006. We're located in the World Trade Center, storycorps booth and I'm interviewing my dad.

00:16 I'm Carol, stead. Frank Feely.

00:19 My age 66.

00:23 Eat today date is March 1st night. 2006 at the World Trade Center and the story boots. My relationship with my father a proud father. Okay. So my first question is, when did you start working at the trade center and had to do get the job. Was it a freelance job, or was it? No, I was being

00:50 How to say, I've been a bad boy on the other job and my business location is Tommy McGuire and Tommy was getting even with me by sending you to the Trade Center.

01:04 Nobody wanted to work down here because he, I was with very long, very long. You start 4 in the morning and we work until 7 or 8:00 at night. Normally, we work Saturday all day. Sometimes he did half a day on Sunday.

01:24 In every much time more and what was your job? I was in line and great man, or an engineer. Vice was a little snap lines on the floor. At the Wise County federal courthouse is here.

01:51 I work in just about all the buildings.

01:56 Did you learn anything in particular about construction? Cuz I knew it was sort of a different.

02:02 Approach, I think is the first month of the first time. I see what's down there.

02:10 What I did learn from the structural engineer, who designed the building.

02:18 The the buildings were unique, the towers. They were really something. I've never worked on before structure. It had a, a steel & Decor.

02:31 The Xperia.

02:34 It was like how I say it is the Worley bearing was on the walls for bearing Construction.

02:44 And the design.

02:48 It was fascinating the column free building. With the exception of the Court will fix. They can be pushed and shoved anywhere. You wanted them if you could rearrange your floor. Anyway, you so fat very flexible, very flexible and carried the weight of the building.

03:14 Is amazing design was very well designed and I remember one of the things that the structural design I had pointed out to me. The building was designed so that I could take a hit from a 727.

03:29 Unfortunately, it was set at 7:47. I believe it's a years but figure promise.

03:44 What was your favorite part was your favorite building or your favorite part of this job down to the pasture at the time of the largest Escalade Bank built in North? America are the escalators by laid out. All the concrete is very nice. I really enjoyed being part of it. So interesting and it was a very good feeling you went there as kids and I still remember it though.

04:37 Who your buddies on this job? I know the stories that you always tell me that we said because our friends that were really close and have a fun with him. He was really nice. Call Frank Torres weather.

05:02 Sing some nights. You didn't even bother going home. You used to sleep in the shanty with a cross. The street day of the men's store by underwear.

05:20 I was at they take a shower at the Y. Is that what you always feeling that you were right behind call conch? They've constantly dropping things on us like nuts and bolts. One Monday morning, we came in and we found out that Saturday night after we had left, I had dropped a prank.

05:58 And the plank hit this Carpenters. He'll smile and get six kids. He didn't quite make it to lunch hour on Monday, for men died in the

06:10 Terrible thing, that points to 3 in thick, not too and heavy heavy heavy but I never chance purpose or was it never happened? Most of the crew that karkoc had. They were from Canada. They were hard-working men. Still spoke French. And the thing was, they didn't seem to give her care of people who under them.

06:43 And what's your problem?

06:45 Have you very carefully came up on the top deck and I work in over your head with notorious for dropping things on it. So, how is it at first? And then you guys went up the steel, the corps would go together, then they put up the curtain wall and the floor. Decking came and segments. They were all made up that list, segments position each segment and welded in place is very well. And we do our magic without lines and our grades see you whenever for the windows or put in. Yes, it was at like 6 level and some clouds flute trill.

07:46 In the cloud it, when I like the size of softballs bouncing off the columns hitting everybody. This kind of hide from crazy, crazy place to work where you guys safe behind it. And did you meet at city of safety lines? Her sort of my having to walk out on the open steel. It should have done that too, but you always had to decking ideas.

08:20 Never expect me to Safe job.

08:24 I'm getting dropped off there. Any other problems at the job, other than being behind and gravity southwest corner?

08:38 And the bottle of the compressed air from the air and gas leak itself from the street level and it hit valve. First down about to be at the sea level, the valve broke off as a full bottle.

09:03 Nebraska behind a car and coming at you like a selfie.

09:15 I want the worst things that happened to me on the worst things that happen in this column forms dropped on me.

09:24 This one's about to restore restore, my head. I got flattened conscious. Really, you never told me that.

09:39 All the stories you've told me every time I think about that back hurts happen to hit you in the head or it took me out for the form up. They ended up taking me another Striker frame. They brought me to the medical facility. They had a small little

10:03 Medical facility on site. I spent most of the day in their recuperating from that.

10:12 But then I was really hurt too much for us being there and they running around looking like they didn't know what they were doing the end of the week and you sue a fact. It did get done pretty good amount of work. Then you don't see the work on an hour-by-hour place this week and check it once a week and you know, what's going on.

10:55 One funny thing that happened. I did a painting job on the sea war.

11:04 I appropriated by five or six spray cans and I laid it out very nicely. So nice and square lettering, and I wrote it and cruel, hard winter to have us on a cross. Like Christ between two thieves the foreman in the boss and underneath that I signed friends and Irish afternoon. I'm walking by and I'm ironing my painting work. And there was this young black electrician.

11:40 You stand there, looking at it. Now, didn't he reached into his toolbox? He pulled out. A can of green spray painting. Spray painted on a men, brother 1970.

11:57 Crack me a men brother.

12:00 I was wondering if friends and knew about that. We would feel appreciated. Did you have any special nickname on the job? And are you always had?

12:17 He was at your name.

12:30 My other name was.

12:34 What was the Sea Wolf? Some people know me as well as looking at it? Known me when I worked out on a, on a my Amazon look now.

12:54 They met a lot of these guys before.

13:00 Concrete finishers are General, Foreman felon in joke, the signal, I worked with him back in the fifties and just go to lunch once in a while. He was a real New York, New York at another church was there, but all the businesses and buildings.

13:34 At one of those condemned and torn down your grandfather, turned it all into liquid and drink it long enough for that to happen to your great-great-grandfather. And they will bricklayers and Stone Cutters. And he made a very good living Fortunate Son. Didn't know how to keep it in your great-grandfather. My grandfather, preferred being an alcoholic. So,

14:09 Can I say button in terms of the area? I know now this Battery Park City, but that was built.

14:31 Cells. They're made of sheet, piling, circular sales came from here, somebody to feel oneself from necks feeling a roll of water, would eventually come to the top to bottom and it all over, again, Battery Park extension watching the building, the cells change its shape of you feel like that was some sort of groundbreaking moment, or you just want to watch that happen to my dog.

15:20 Warren in a position with people would remember you. But just knowing that you were part of it. It's a good feeling when I saw it blowing up.

15:44 Yeah, so where were you on 9/11 2001 that's taking classes in high tension electrical switching.

16:02 And they just started the class and giving out a literature and

16:07 One of the sewage treatment work, has came in and said that one of the towers have been hit by a plane. And I asked him if he wasn't like playing.

16:19 That's what possibly somebody from Teterboro or something.

16:32 I'm going upstairs, you know, I was in water supply. I wasn't in sewerage. I've been invited to this class and 35th on the Hudson. The biggest sewage plant in the city. And

16:51 I was busy. Most of the afternoon. Passing bottles of compressed air for the Scott Air packs and loading trucks and take Nancy Stein, filling them. It was funny cuz one of the one of the STW Sesame St. W, o, your senior St. W on the senior stationary engineer life.

17:28 Tell us some water supplies in your water supply. We work.

17:36 I know I was very upset that they went to worst days of my life car.

17:40 And I found out that.

17:43 Catherine.

17:45 That rock my world.

17:49 You too.

17:52 You want to talk about Kevin? I mean if you and you you can talk about him.

17:59 Okay, Kevin say

18:02 Fire Lieutenant, New York fire department.

18:06 Are you married yet too? Young son? Not nice. Little kids, but

18:18 They came in.

18:20 He went up to the South Tower. They were evacuating the South Tower in the building collapsed on them.

18:28 They never found any of any parts of his body. I think. But they did find the shin bone or something. They found is how it going and they found his helmet. That was it.

18:39 He was space drummer and pipe end and really nice guy. Stream, Lee, nice guy.

18:48 Carol.

18:56 His two sons are very nice. Young man, becoming a drummer.

19:11 And the Patrick ended up going to West Point. He played in the West Point, pipe band as a piper graduates this year. That's correct, except I really

19:38 The Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree hazard.

19:45 Luminarias father's. I just don't know what to they get old and I'm my father's daughter can be a problem. Sometimes. Only when I do things, she doesn't like. So how would you like the site to be remembered?

20:05 By the public Anyway, by the public should be.

20:12 Dedication slabs and the main lobbies of Whatever Gets pills here. Personally. I think the buildings that replaced the Trade Center should look just like the Trade Center, only be 10 or 15 stories tall and possibly the floors that are headed to the height will become memorials for the people that died here.

20:37 I should say people who murdered him cuz that's what they what they were murdered.

20:44 Have you seen the new plans that they come up with with the Freedom Tower and all that? I don't care if you don't like them.

20:52 This isn't Disney World's New York City. This is business bill.

21:03 Have you seen the new? If it was in the paper today of the footprint memorials?

21:13 They have to be.

21:17 Definitely, why isn't the memorials have to be there or the buildings have to be there?

21:31 Then I wouldn't know why. Skyler with it was no way out.

21:46 They never found anything nothing.

21:50 But do you feel they should build any Footprints or make those the memorial parks that they're discussing?

21:57 I don't know how.

22:00 Memorials are

22:03 Appropriate.

22:05 But it's a question where you hunt bison.

22:08 You weren't with me and your mother to the to the wall and Washington and

22:17 I was part of the committee that worked on that we had a lot of problems because certain people who were involved in the planning. They wanted statuary sale in like the wall that may have designed. And I remember looking at the water. I told it's very appropriate because the names of each individual inscribed.

22:54 Remember to do some general like everyone that has his mom or else.

23:03 One Call.

23:06 Had come up, please add that to the opposition's of. What do you want? Do you want to make a statue of General? Westmoreland just ride a horse with a grunt that his side. They got himself in, they left and you guys got your

23:28 I mean you go there you are out in the street.

23:33 Looks like being a small Cathedral. Nobody talks about Whispers as medicine.

23:47 That was the lines of crime, so deep.

23:51 And the rain wash. It wasn't even ran. It was still, it was just like my tears. Do you think something like that would be sitting here?

24:10 Definitely. I know there were discussions of us.

24:13 This is Walden memorials in it on 9/11, the sunlight, they were placed in certain ways. So that the on 9/11, it would light up the whole. The Whole Foods Princeton is copying a little something from the Egyptians. And I think it's a lot of families didn't get anything back. I think it would be Friday morning sun.

24:42 On the winter. Solstice solstice.

24:53 They didn't have any theodolite. So, whatever you put in here that doesn't require explaining.

25:03 If you have to explain it, you didn't do it correctly.

25:08 I'm a mother and I took you to Gettysburg.

25:14 And in the rain again, God guard ended.

25:30 Everybody is another area by speaks in Whispers the presents.

25:38 Do you believe in ghosts?

25:41 A couple thousand.

25:44 I wish I could get together still alive.

25:52 Advise haggling fighting fire department, 1st personal Monument, the police want their own personal Monument. Not what happened. He has nothing to do with uniforms.

26:05 I agree. It should be one mindedness before everybody.

26:20 Yes, I do.

26:21 Well, I come back just to visit the tower and I wanted to go upstairs where they had the restaurant just to see what it look like this. I read about the equipment that they put in it and everything in that place and I introduced myself to them. It was really surprised. I was what happened with it.

26:53 How do you feel about this is beautiful? I think I'm very happy to have been a part of it. I really was.

27:01 I remember the first day I worked here.

27:05 I came down the street here, that's trailers are in the trailer and I signed up and the other fellows who have been working here standing and I'm looking at two pipes.

27:21 Look at the pipes and I asked him. What are those? What a man's. And he started laughing.

27:32 Oh, wow. Yes. He's go so far away. It's because they are.

27:44 But why do I still call the Hudson to pass crane?

27:54 But these things are about 30 to 34 ft in diameter butt, from here to go to the test train, but they have done. Are you familiar with the

28:13 Tunnel construction.

28:15 I got a Subway and going on to the East River, something you looking she likes steel plates that make the Rings. They had taken one of the plates out of one ring and you can stand there lookin, watch the trains. Go to remember standing there, looking at it and thinking thinking the same, is that a water main and so getting closer and closer to getting bigger and bigger.

28:58 The containment Washburn Place.

29:04 They had some of the steel for the towers was had been erected and like it look. Now, kind of.

29:14 Kind of The Specialist or you have left out there now, is he container or man?

29:19 A containment. Well that was done by a Canadian company. You kinda. And what they used was in the concrete at self and make fun tonight, which is

29:35 Bentonite has a chemical that has a strange property when it gets wet. It expands grammatically traumatically and it is a lox store.

29:48 I work has been tonight on jobs where we with the water. Me some very deep deep.

29:56 Compiled and we used to use bentonite to keep the groundwater from seeping and while we got the concrete at and fantastic.

30:09 Is it just one property of the expensive properties? Unbelievable. Labels developers? They have to name from Italy and Canada and when they did to you.

30:35 The retaining wall like a tub. It had been done the normal way. They would have been supporting members to walk Dinobots vs. Network tonight. It's missing substance kids to the fact that

31:10 I got you all. That was done. That was Nolan place when I got here.

31:15 And that.

31:17 A picture of Android. It was felt.

31:23 We're happy but haven't even part of any time. I look at the photos of New York City skyline and I look at them and I always felt it to some of me was standing that I work on a lot of jobs Downtown here.

31:47 Nothing ever good. This true.

31:53 What was so unique you can see it off in the distance you turn off in the distance. You know what it was when my wife and I came back from Bermuda, honeymoon houses by the Verrazano Bridge. You looked at me knew what it was. Either slides. I believe it was a slide, but I had printed.

32:23 And that if your mother liked it, she said it into that account.

32:31 You should take it out.

32:33 Yeah, it's one of the few photos of the trade tower before, everything west of it. Was that recap City?

32:56 Everything that went there was like waste from. Yeah. He weak appetite to be kept. Okay, then app city. Thank God. That since my grandfather was a carpenter on the towers and has a story about how they were so far behind that they were told not to screw in the cabinets that they had. This amazing new glue that they are going to come up with. So they had to they were in there the month after it opened putting all the cabinets back on because they'd all follow.

33:56 Point spread. Workfront. Normally, we will be safe and get two points and I came up with a scheme where we only needed two.

34:09 Life is the surveyor. And what we would do is take points here and here at the edge of the building and you bought the instrument in and create a line. So you could measure everything that you need two points coming this way. So what we ended up doing, we just get the points on each and put in the line, then we will just measure between the the opening for the elevator.

34:36 Go halfway down, if it's in my way back, it would still give me that same that same sort of weird, weird feeling when it goes up when it drops. It's like a roller coaster drop so fast on the way to work amazing. You just like, seeing if you only have a 4:30 in the morning and be flying up this open shaft and I should going up at estick is a great feeling. Well, one morning.

35:34 Amazing how the Tappan Zee bridge look like? You could walk to it. How long are you there?

35:59 With overtime. No place to spend the money a month if it was summer or winter.

36:22 No, that wasn't that bad. I did one thing right I had for the goose down jacket from Eddie Bauer in varieties. Not the way up there, smiling. I need the update shivering and they didn't have a parking lot.

37:01 Torrid. That was some of that traffic was new was waterproof windproof and extremely warm.

37:14 So, how come you were at the site? Was it just over time?

37:18 What you mean you were sleeping in little Shanty, isn't it was all over time but we getting in overtime how many hours? And that's a really weird doing like between 30 and 40 and over 10 allow 16-hour days by the time I got there because I need to come back. So I wish to stay here is easier and the trains are already done here. Everything was all.

37:51 The nearest Subway was which one that would have been right. It was a shorter walk and I can catch cat nap on the way home.

38:16 Message to Morris Boulevard and used to go to the other direction. I think they switched the end goes to update my story and you are goes out too far is Astoria Boulevard. There was a bar on the corner to the funeral home. Now cruising the bar. I have a beer and just wait a few minutes and come out and wait for the bus and go on home. Your nice warm coat on.

39:09 So, so what was, what was the opinion of of your friends and things? When they end of the proposal for the towers wasn't warmly welcomed. Did, did anybody say they said it look like they know what a grill and they came down into the tribe. Right to the Arts are scored in a single grape, very well-designed.

39:48 I had worked a job with the structural engineer, who absolutely nothing.

39:55 Structural engineer.

40:00 I used to design the form work.

40:03 And one day, he came in uses.

40:07 He actually told me.

40:09 I don't know how you can design the form work. And why is that Steve? He's a cuz I really don't give you enough information. So, he knew it too cuz you don't know enough information.

40:25 I ended up designing all the homework and it worked out. Okay, but I had to shift a lot of beings around.

40:33 I just just tell him what I shifted need. Step the changes itself.

40:41 They got he wasn't designed the towers.

40:43 Did you sign on the tower? At the time? I first saw the design. I was really taken up with it and it was coming together. I really

40:56 I really enjoyed being part of it. What do you wish happens with the same?

41:02 That's why I wish.

41:04 I wish timer 11 to never happen. That's for sure.

41:08 Battery.

41:11 Actually, I work you two different contractors. I worked as a steel erector. Also a little later.

41:18 But they're doing other buildings or one of the other buildings.

41:26 I had made contact with.

41:31 Engineer from

41:34 Offense.

41:38 I know you've neglected building up here.

41:42 Federal office building window, washing machine when it happened.

41:56 I did the whole thing mathematically.

41:59 And I had done it. The soul is trilateral. Rated wasn't triangulated.

42:10 GPS work.

42:22 What happened with him? He?

42:25 I had to I had to give him my mess and Mattox.

42:31 He wanted to see my math and for the window washing machine.

42:42 I didn't use degrees minutes and seconds.

42:46 And,

42:49 He had forgotten how to work with degrees minutes and seconds. I was in the Army. I was just so they are all so we didn't use it and kill the measurement like that. Will use a cool Mills and then I came I completed the whole thing.

43:07 Simba's Little Lamb with a line over it as a symbol for a Mill and fellow are you know what it was. You don't know any still give you a job. When is the best offense for the best defense was working on the federal buildings here and that he'd gotten in touch with me was asked me if I'd be interested in working for the feds business.

43:52 So is that the deadly seven? Take the health insurance?

44:10 What's another thing to decide when I left here?

44:14 Consolidated Edison called me up and you offered me a gig. That's when I left here is an 8 hour day or 10 hour day at work. 16 hours a day. I would work maybe one Saturday a month, but the rest of the weekend from mine and after taxes, money was about the same. So I didn't really make a difference yet. Didn't hurt me.

44:46 I like the left here.

44:51 Tracey Towers in the Bronx, you know where?

44:59 Used to be Hunter College Lehman, College is Tracey Towers ugliest building in the world that are standing at the end of fall as a USB card buildings. Autistic. Yeah, but I did three cast elements built on top of the precap. I did all that Precast work, but I was in a big big normally get along with Ironworkers. What happened? Usually I am working found out that a company carried you from one job to another. They automatically assume that same company owns you. And they were very surprised to find out that in my case is wasn't at all like that.

45:52 Has a union man or what the company? Only Hyatt?

46:01 I actually developed a lot of the techniques that were in use that aren't used today to put in the Precast elements together.

46:10 It always amazed me that. I'm coming home for my rent that the Englishmen.

46:17 I hate, you know, that sizes and I'll answer the weights of every piece of that went into the building, that the physical education plan. Uniondale Nassau Community College. In 25 ft. Clear span big job.

46:35 He knew all your work that day. We were there for the first off to the writers. The Veterans Memorial stadium. I worked on that. Then it was a natural draft, cooling tower and the Mystic, the backseat of a station wagon where you going? I worked on that building and it worked.

47:06 It's a familiar song doesn't say. I don't respect the song but it's definitely familiar. So I couldn't thanks for teaching me. That wasn't always appreciate it.

47:34 When I sailed out of college estude, we had a bunch of pants with buckles on him because of his grandfather had a bricklayer.

48:07 So, what about the idea of building skyscrapers? Like, what did that mean to you? When you first started thinking about, that was it? I was regarded as fun when you can look at your work and think of it in terms of being fun. Do you enjoy coming in every day? You would you enjoy doing what you're doing? This was a wonderful thing. I spent 24 years working for them, the group that has absolutely no regard for you, me or anybody. I work for the city 24 years ago, that wasted 24 years.

48:43 There's nothing I can really point to that. I can say that I put together or I did cuz any idea I had it was good. The next day. I have to change that. It was his really any idea that he has. It was bad but shuffled off to me.

49:01 There must have been something nice about looking at the skyline.

49:05 When you're away from home being able to look at it and say, that's mine. Even the regular postcard and picture downtown Manhattan. And there it was Morgan, Guaranty trust company that has been adjusting the Rusted than a long span bridge, but I just never did.

49:51 I did a lot of tunneling, I hated it, but I needed the money.

50:00 And when you working in tunnel feel, claustrophobic get a problem.

50:06 It was nothing around like working in the zoo and being afraid of animals.

50:11 When you were born.

50:15 I was working. I just started. That was my first day of work with the city. Frank was born. I was working on the van wyk tunnel.

50:24 And I was an interesting job.

50:28 You know, the reason to flood during floods every time.

50:38 So, I know when you were working on that, you card Frank name into it.

50:45 Yeah, they were down there with the the drill. They would drilling out some some rock face and I borrowed the drill and I caught that the ks to third-tier jfm in Roman numerals.

51:04 What are you still there? Do you have some Good Feet store is apparently though the Morgan building in the Federal Reserve.

51:31 And you look kind of world assholes in the world.

51:35 Back in the twenties.

51:39 They claimed was the wobblies. You know who I please wear.

51:45 Workers of the world of communist socialist.

51:58 A wagon, horse-drawn wagon full of explosives and they blew it on Wall Street at lunch time. That a car bomb bomb, holes are in the walk from the explosion and I was sitting in on a meeting between the bank Architects. I was working for Turner then.

52:19 And they were talkin about filling the holes in.

52:24 And somebody suggested the prank. What do you think? It's terrible to do that to Historic their historical, significance. They left the hose.

52:43 I'd rather talk about might have to talk about it.

52:53 I abuse history.

52:57 Setting a carnival precast concrete kind of involved and operated digging the hole and then check in the grade. Another 45 in.

53:17 How to get the Vault where should be and

53:27 Cuz I have tobacco clock.

53:53 I think they're from the revolution.

54:03 We talked the whole stuffed everything and brought the rest of the dirt down to the Grave.

54:15 Tell, when they were there to begin with, they were just a little higher.

54:29 And I seen you put something in that Angela. Will you put in your lunch pail?

54:39 Biggest biggest fear you had was the New York Historical Society coming down and throwing a lock on your job.

54:53 Down here, Could Happen very easily, a

54:56 A friend of mine, who's a construction engineer in Rome.

55:00 And he was telling me that he done it bro job. That's supposed to take one year and he was on it for the second bridge. You go up the Gypsy, Newburgh Bridge.

55:21 Gypsy Newburgh and they hit the biggest Indian village ever uncovered in New York, LOL. What can you do? You have to pay attention to history? Otherwise the present and the future have no meaning.

55:55 When it's going to affect your paycheck, you looking at?

56:01 Is this really necessary?

56:05 Can you do?

56:07 Surveyor.

56:09 That is anything else that you want in.

56:19 What's it like like what's the last day of the job? Like we do at the first day of the job is like the one you finally like at the building provided you.

56:31 Ton of work on your whole crew. You finished not saying you did the lining. Somebody else behind you, just aligning, but you were done building. You would finish guys. Will come in and do the drywall and then carpentry work and make a big deal out of it working or working all of a sudden here it is. That's the combination Point. That's really what you were working for that. That one minute once completed. I was just in Staten Island and when the hole that we would dig it just fell apart and you looked at his, the rest of the tunnel feelings.

57:27 1 and 3/4 almost to my and we closed on the existing tunnel.

57:34 Buy but that much how amazing I was so happy that this fellow Edwards cause come down. We have all the bottles of champagne. Are you feeling, did you get your pink slip? And I thought I was working with a shovel just like then walking up.

58:28 Put in that thing's, put in the Rings together and clean your stuff up and hard house, getting ready to leave and one of the Hawks and they Frank, I'll save you the price of a phone call. Jerry's on the line. Who says this is Agent. That was great. When he said I forgot you guys blended with the business. I have a fun doing it.

59:07 And then when the money was good, it was excellent. Goes good. I didn't say that.

59:25 Be somebody who was born and raised in Manhattan on the west side.

59:31 Right there that put you into a very small category cuz I asked. Has anybody on the island today is born you? I mean it except by accident.

59:49 My father's people were here for what? Two generations.

59:54 Three generations that lives on the west side.

01:00:00 My mother's family. Is that why?

01:00:03 My grandfather that he was in the report, but they still lived on the west side.

01:00:14 I can't complain. I enjoyed working on this.

01:00:22 I always felt good coming down here, looking at the building the day, prior to September 11th, and 10th my colleague, RC chief of pumping operations, to Manhattan and the Bronx. And so it was in charge, Staten Island was on vacation. So I had Staten Island as well, come across the Verrazano Bridge City truck and take the week. You wake up to the Triboro Bridge. The Battery Tunnel.

01:00:59 And I'm looking up and I come out and take a look at my old buildings on the street, their front of a hydrant.

01:01:11 Service, like 50 years apart, the truck there. And I came up by standing on the Plaza. And then, I feel so good inside. And the next day. They took the hit. Can I say?

01:01:39 It's a weird day. All I know is that I like to be the person, wielding The Sword in a white cloth, Osama Bin Laden's head.

01:01:50 Like a lot of people would like to share that with you, then you will give me a shout out of them first.

01:01:56 Really the acting fire chief for the City of New York.

01:02:05 Have a safe following Donald Burns, Donald and I went to HighSchool together.

01:02:10 And,

01:02:13 And it was Warren Scotland. Senior was a friend of mine.

01:02:21 I knew several people working operations here maintenance. As anybody in the tri-state area wasn't touched by this somewhere, along the line, you have to be.

01:02:42 Especially Kevin.

01:02:45 I played going home here. One afternoon.

01:02:48 And I was very surprised. I done nothing for the Riveter. Rivet Festival of Kilz, play going home. Maybe a dozen people standing there when I started. My finished a couple of buses that list and nobody was talking about quiet.

01:03:16 Everybody was quiet, powerful sound.

01:03:19 Probably about the time. We just see.

01:03:23 When is it was a Long Beach, Long Beach?

01:03:28 Yeah, we did. Pray in Long Beach with rainy. Give me the October 2001, and the world bands got together for public school yard.

01:03:41 And the middle of clouds and rain and we started to play Amazing Grace and the rain. Stopped the sky opened up. The sun came down on us. Just over the clear. Just browsing. The schoolyard, fantastic has choreographed.

01:03:58 And then we finished as we finished.

01:04:02 College came together like an iris. Never said it started raining again. I couldn't believe it was rough.

01:04:08 Nobody said a word you, how can you? You can't?

01:04:13 Can't. I do remember that the rest of your life, that's absolutely too. I think you saying thanks possibly.

01:04:31 I went to his funeral to the wake, and his brother-in-law was telling me that he had been a police officer for 2 years. You didn't like it.

01:04:40 And then I looked in my something, I guess Kevin traded in his handgun for a Halligan before. It's like that together.

01:05:08 Got done, okay.

01:05:14 65 m.