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What is the National Day of Listening?

Can’t find a StoryCorps recording booth near you? Check out our free Do-It-Yourself Guide! Tens of thousands of people have used the StoryCorps DIY Guide to record a story with their loved ones, while educators and community organizations have incorporated StoryCorps’ interviewing techniques and resources into their programs.

You can use recording equipment that is readily available to you, such as a computer or smart phone. Once your recording is complete, post it to our interactive Wall of Listening. Then share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Here are 5 ways to participate.

1. Listen to stories.

Visit our Wall of Listening to hear other stories and get inspired. Listen to our national broadcast, subscribe to our podcast or watch some of our award-winning animations.

2. Record a story.

It’s simple and easy. Interview someone you care about using some of our Great Questions. Then, upload your story and a picture of you and your interview partner to our Wall of Listening.

3. Ask your friends, family, neighbors and community to participate.

Sit down with your friends and family over the holidays and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Organize a neighborhood or community recording party. A StoryCorps DIY interview is a great way to learn more about one another and honor the people you care about–or maybe someone you don’t know at all.

4. Get your organization / company involved.

Is your organization participating in National Day of Listening? Contact [email protected] so we can highlight the interviews you are recording. When you record and upload your interview, make sure to list your organization in the field provided. Your organization’s name will appear on our Participating Organizations page.

5. Connect with us.

Tell us more about your National Day of Listening experience on Facebook and Twitter.