Cyntaizanaae’s interview

What was talked about in the questions was basically life questions

StoryCorps interview

This interview is private.

Reporter to Librarian

Aimee Lockhardt has been a librarian at Dover Public Library for 8 years. Before that she worked as a reporter for a local paper. We interview her about her transition from reporter to librarian and why she decided to make...

October 22, 2020 App Interview

Alexeez and her friend Corrina talked about struggles and memories they’ve both gone through.

10 Important Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear a Bra to Bed

Many females can't wait until the end of the day to remove their bras. It is a relief to get rid of those tight bands and under-wires. But some females think that wearing a bra to bed can help avoid...

11 Types of bra every woman ought to know in 2020

Various girls have a love detest partnership with their bras. Despite exactly how annoying and also bad-tempered their jabs, as well as cuts, are, we just can not walk around without their help and lift. It is considerable that you...

Arturo’s life changed

In this interview we are talking about how has been Arturo’s life since he arrived to the US

my brothers bond and growing up with each other’s back

in this interview my brother and I talk about past memories and questions I've had about him