Of Anti-Communism and Socioeconomic Despair

In an interview conducted in Colorado on May 20th 2019, Chloe Doubrava interviews her father, Michael Doubrava about his early life, the impact of war on his community, the loss of his father and the hardships his family faced, his...

Carriebelle Anderson (part two)

Part 2 of an interrupted interview — note: Mike & Mary “Minnie” Goodwin are my grandfather’s Uncle & Aunt (the names mom was trying to remember)

Moscow Farmers Market

To gain a broader understanding of the Palouse and the History of the agriculture in the area, we interviewed Amanda Argona to discuss more of her involvement and stories with the Moscow Farmers Market.

Left Tenant Colonel Godette and his wife Ena reminisce on their lives during the Guyanese racial conflict that occurred during the 1960s.

Upon gaining its political independence from the British in 1966, Guyana was left racially divided. During the 1960s a range of riots and violence erupted between the Afro-Guyanese and Indo-Guyanese that led to widespread destruction and death.

Historical events in Martha’s life

Martha talks about all the historical events that happened in her lifetime.

StoryCorps Interview

Provides a history of his life and background

Paige and Grandma Lydia

Interview with Lydia E. Myers-Donoghue

APUSH Service Learning Project

Interview with my grandma for highschool service learning project.