Buck 1

Buck Scott and his history of Detroit

Interview With Papa

Interview with Papa about his aspect on historical events.

Person Project: 11th Grade World History

I asked my dad questions about historical events as well as personal events he experienced throughout his life.

February 25, 2019 App Interview
The Story of a First Generation Immigrant

A story of family friend’s family background, leaving Mexico, & settling in the U.S. Also her life in the U.S. and her reflections as far as looking back on her past and her present life now as an immigrant.

Getting to know Gavin

Gavin is a friend of a few months who I decided to interview in Ofer to get to know him better. We have a conversation to get to know who gavin is as a person.

Progress? Kip C

Questions about technology versus religion. Insert Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde reference here.

January 21, 2019
Getting to Know Our History Teacher

Eighth grader Adia Payne interviews her 8th-grade history teacher, Lisa Coleman.

History StoryCorps Project

Asking my grandma some questions about her life.

The Vietnam war from my grandfathers view

My interview was over FaceTime I asked my grandpa about his experience in the Vietnam war he talked about how it affected his life going into it and after it he said that it didn’t have much of a big...