Emanuel Pimentel ask his mother about her life when she was younger

My mothers life in Dominican republic was a life that she really enjoyed. She spent most of her life over there and visited many different places. She got to hang out with her friends on the amazing beaches and she...

A Gritty Childhood Growing Up in Queens

In this interview we go in depth about the childhood of one who grew up in the streets of New York, and what the life of one who grew up there may hold for them. My name is August Mazzara...

Mexican Christmas

The topic was about how Christmas is different in the U.S and Mexico.


How he felt about the holiday thanksgiving

My pop-pop and me.

Sole’ Townsend interviews her pop-pop on her dad’s side, Stephen L. Townsend Sr., on Thanksgiving day at her Aunt Paulette’s house. They talk about his life as a kid and even the life of his family as children. Sole’ tries...

Interview with my dad

I finally got to know my dad better then I have

November 25, 2018 App Interview

I interviewed my dad. We talked about Thanksgiving. My questions were mostly about what his life was back then during Thanksgiving. Since my dad’s family was not very well of back then it his responses were a bit sad, so...

Thanksgiving Interview with my Mom

An interview with my mother. A mom of 6 kids. The eldest sibling. A mother missing her mother. A lover of God and family.