The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Rishikesh Venkat interviewing Venkat

The interview revealed various details about both my parents’ as well as their families’ lives. The interview allowed me to learn how my great grandmother was an important woman in Indian History, and how my dad was almost a victim...

My Great Thanksgiving Listen

This interview was me and mother speaking about jobs, marriage, and more. She gives her opinion on things and her life experience with certain things, people, and more.

Interviewing my grandma

Basically how my my grandma wants the best for me. Also how she regrets getting with my grandpa or how he treated her bad.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Thomas Melin

Hope Frisby interviews Thomas Melin, her grandfather, about growing up, getting older, and falling in love.


We talked about my life and the great influences I’ve experienced

My Grandma

In this recording, I talk with my grandma Oliva about her past when she lived in Mexico and her upcoming to now living in Chicago with almost her whole family. I also talk about her struggles and her accomplishments and...

Meeting my husband

My mom and I sit down and talk about when she and my dad met for the first time and their wedding day.