Listening to Momma

I asked my mom several questions about my childhood. We discussed what is was like to mother me all the way to how she feels about me soon becoming a wife.

Deep Listening Interview

Mattheus expressed his feelings about how his mother is being so absent and how it this matter so much for him.

Julie Kaufman and Beth Wright for Stonewall OutLoud

Beth and Julie tell Karen about falling in love at Oberlin College, moving to California and later Chicago for graduate school, finding a welcoming Episcopalian church, having a ceremony, beginning their journey to have children during the AIDS epidemic, becoming...

Mothers change of ways

A mom having to change the way she does things for her kids, and what she would do differently now, ending with her giving her children advice on how to raise their own kids.

Christina Cipriani Xavier with Amanda Berry for Stonewall OutLoud

Christina tells Amanda about growing up in Brooklyn, coming out at 14, navigating life with parents who never accepted her sexuality, creating a chosen family, deciding to have a child in the 80s, and later struggling for custody as a...

Jessica Bernardo

Jessica Bernardo discusses memories of her childhood and her life today as a mom.

Wanting the best for your child.

Asking questions about motherhood and what it means to be a mother at a young age.