Great Thanksgiving Listen

My mom discussed what growing up in a socialist country was like, her education, marriage, children, and memories she remembers.

Understanding the Simple Life

In this interview conducted in Knoxville TN on November 25th 2018, Max Fields (17) interviews his step-grandmother Virginia Swaggerty about her childhood, family, faith, and the world today. Mrs. Swaggerty shares stories about growing up and her life through the...

Parker Brown and her Aunt Morgan talk about current and past events

In this interview, conducted in November of 2018 over the phone, 14 year old Parker Brown interviews her Aunt Morgan about her childhood and her thoughts on current events. Morgan Green shares that the horrible days spent in high school...


This was longer than expected, but funny and sentimental. It was interrupted a few times by outsiders but overall love was the main feeling.

Life of My Mom

This podcast is a story of my mother’s life and all of the moments she finds most memorable in the wake of mother’s day being this weekend

My Nana

I interviewed my endeared grandmother who I call my Nana. She has lived a full and wonderful life. She is an example of a hard working woman and a loving friend and mother figure to all. I’m blessed to be...

lillian and renee furman

In this interview I talked with my mother Renee Wood. She told me about her childhood and growing up with her parents and younger brother. We also talked about my father Tom Furman who took her on adventures and gave...

Molly and Mom

molly interviews her mom about her childhood, marriages, and her life

La lucha para Lograr tus Sueños

En esta entrevista, hablamos de los logros de ser madre, hija, y esposa mientras aprendemos de la juventud y madurez.