Interview with Patricia Routh

Interviewing Patricia Routh about her life and role as a mother.

Mother Interview Stoudt

Christine reflects on raising me and my brother and compares it to her own upbringing.

The great thanksgiving listen with jaron Staiger and Tamra Staiger talking about her life experiences.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in McKinney,Texas, Jaron Staiger (15) interviews his mom, Tamra Staiger (39) about her life experiences. Tamra shares stories about her childhood, nicknames, jobs, and other life experiences.

Me interviewing my Mom (part 2)

This interview was amazing to hear because I have a very strong connection with my mom and she is, along with my dad, my world

Me interview my Mom (part 1)

This was cut short but the second part has more so don’t fret

My Mom’s Story

Small piece of my Mom’s Story of her life. New Family , Kids, and new outlooks on life.

Gran at Thanksgiving 2017

Being a mother, what she wants grandkids to know. Life with Grandad. Faith.

My grandmother’s reflections on my dad, after his death.

This interview is private.

Childhood memories

This interview is private.

Kimberly Condie (mom) – December 30, 2015

This interview is private.