Frederick Landry talks with his mother, Rosalee Landry, and she shares memories of her parents, family and her children.

Rosalee Landry, at age 74, shares memories of her childhood, dealing with the death of a spouse due to war, becoming a Baha’i, remarrying her now husband and having three children.

Interview with an elder, Mom, Patricia Stephenson

I interviewed my mom, and asked her some questions about growing up with French parents. We also discussed places that she lived and a few other topics.

Lost and found

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to go on a search to find your birth parents? On December 31,2019, in Woodstock Vermont, Tsehay Driscoll sad down to interview her grandmother Titia Ellis to find the answer. Titia...

Nick Van Zandt interview with his Grandma Bonnie Mills

I interviewed my grandmother who lives in Pennsylvania. She worked as a developmental specialist with special needs babies and toddlers. She gave some life lesson regarding religion and wanting to be remembered as a honest and giving person. I learned...

Three key values for daily living

In my earliest childhood while living at the orphanage, I learned three key values that I carried all my life. Accept people for who they are, share what you have, and do not stereotype.

Me and Mom and the story of Kay

Mom and I discuss the daughter she gave up for adoption and the reunion 56 years later.

My dads journey from a painful loss to adopting me

We talked about my dad’s journey from grievance and loss to adopting me

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I spoke with my Aunt Meghan about her life and how different events have affected her.