Mikaya Warren Speaks about Building Your Own Business and the Adversities She Faced

Mother and business woman Mikaya (38) and daughter Kimaya (16) discuss how the business and adversities faced as black women.

Recording – 03-22-2024 19:20:19

This interview was with Erin Cromer, Payton Cromer’s mom which discussed the phases of her pregnancy.

McKenzie Takes On Engineering

Wonder how it feels to major in a predominantly male based major in college? Well, McKenzie Takes On Engineering: is about McKenzie’s journey throughout her educational journey that has inspired and led her to obtain a degree in Mechanical Engineering....

Abortion Access in Texas After Roe v. Wade

This interview is conducted by 24 year-old Selma Ruhle on her 21 year-old friend and coworker, America Garcia. They discuss America's experience with abortion as well as her opinion on this divisive topic.

Shonda Brooks and Shawana Johnson

Dr. Shonda Brooks (50) speaks with her colleague Shawana Johnson (43) about their passion for reproductive justice and the health disparities and adverse outcomes for those experiencing childbirth, particularly Black women. Both emphasize the culture surrounding birth and reproductive care,...

Rosie’s Birth Story

Talking about the story of Rosie’s birth from her parents. Rosie is 3 weeks old and Dara and Andrew talk about the pregnancy and first few weeks with Rosie

Sara Ward and Valerie Akerson

Valerie Akerson (46) interviews her patient Sara Ward (34) about her journey as a mother of a child with medical difficulties. They talk about the importance of seeking out mental health support.

Mercer University OlaOcha O. Chinue talks with Emily Colon a MU student being a single parent and pursuing a path as an educator

OlaOcha Chinue: 2023-09-22 00:51:10 The interviewer has a conversational discussion with Emily, an aspiring teacher, about her passion for education. They cover her inspirations, goals as a woman of color, plans to engage students, anticipated challenges, the importance of work-life...

El Embarazo

it’s about the experience my mom had having me and being pregnant her struggle and everything important about it.

Coreen Campos and Cherella Nicholson

One Small Step conversation partners Coreen Campos (34) and Cherella Nicholson (37) talk about the personal experiences that brought them to their work, the importance of self-care in the nonprofit sector, and their hopes for Fresno.