Xi Hua Zhao and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Xi Hua Zhao was born in China, where he lived a happy and modest life. He moved to the United States over a decade ago to help his daughter take care of his grandchild, and...

Zhi Qing Chen and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Zhi Qing Chen, born in Wuhan, China, talks about his life growing up amidst the violence of the Second Sino-Japanese War. He moved to America over a decade ago to care for his grandchild, and...

What is your generations cultural identity?

Grace Noel and Penelope (Penny) St. Louis are great aunt and great niece to each other. In this interview Grace and Auntie Penny discuss their culture, cultural identity, and the difference in their generation. Family dynamic, location, and language are...

Al Levron, “I Remember…”: Louisiana Reflections and Stories of the Past

Hear landowner Al Levron explain how family and legislative acts such as CWPPRA are making a difference in coastal restoration.

First Generation Low Income Students By Yanira Reveles

I am discussing about the issues first generation low income students face as they go on throughout their academic journey. I bring awareness on the mental health issues that impacts them which is a big issue in todays society.

Peyton Rodgers and Brad Rodgers little sit down

A school assignment where I had to sit down with someone over 50 and talk about developments in communication and spoke about the topic of "technology and communication" with my cool dad, what a guy.

Eliud Felix and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Eliud Felix discusses his journey from his life growing up in Manhattan and the Bronx to working at Andover High School. He has deep family values and traditions, and hopes to see them continue through...

alex richard

Kris Miller (51) talks with her niece, Alex Richard (20) on the evolution of communication.

Josh Marchant Vietnam War interview with his grandfather, Randy Marchant

Randy Marchant is my grandpa, he was born in 1945. Topics such as his time in college, the draft process, and his stories are talked about.