Back To The 60's: Kayla and Pam Logan

I interviewed my mom, Pam. She talks about her childhood and being a mom. She is 58 years old.

Bailey O'Neal and Owen Neely

Owen Neely: 2021-06-18 18:19:31. Owen Neely (16) interviews Bailey O'Neal (16) about childhood memories, hobbies, hometown life, personal philosophies, identity, and education.

Student Alessandra Woo with Rachel Skerritt, the first person of color head of school, at the oldest school in the country, Boston Latin.

13 year old Alessandra Woo interviews the first black Head of School at Boston Latin School, the oldest school in the country. They talk about navigating our fraught racial climate at a school with 2500 students and how the school...

Stories from 3Strands Global Foundation’s Employ + Empower Program – Empowering Survivors of Human Trafficking

Ashlie Bryant (54 years), Co-Founder and CEO of 3Strands Global Foundation, sits down to interview Kaitlyn DiCicco (30 years), National Director of Social Services Programs, about the Employ + Empower program. Through the program’s 4 years of operation, over 300...

Linda Blum and Bob Christian discuss planning a CERF meeting

Bob Christian: 2021-06-15 17:26:39. Linda Blum (60s) and Bob Christian (70s) were both leaders in planning the Estuarine Research Federation Conference of 2005. They discussed the process and experiences with the conference and relate them to the CERF 2021 conference...

Robin Slemenda and Liz Wessel

Robin shared about her life journey with living her life as a vocation and the influence her mother had on her life. She was a pillar of strength. Her mom modeled a life of generous giving to help Her mom...

Christopher Rzigalinski and Paige Danoff

Paige discusses her feelings about post-Covid life, a return to semi-normalcy, and getting back to office life.