Thu Pham and Liz Wessel

Thu shared her story and Journey from Vietnam to the united States with her village. Thu discussed how their strong faith and love of their family kept them strong.

“Mentoring makes me happy, I never tire of it.” A conversation with Alicia Hoffman.

Alicia Hoffman is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. She is studying air quality and how to model the chemistry that impacts our air, using the Community Multi-scale Air Quality Model — developed by the Environmental...

Yariel (Ms.Neely)

We talked about my mom life and basically about all of our life situations.

Aaron’s Story
June 29, 2022 App Interview

Aaron gets hospitalized and talks about his experience during and after he was hospitalized.

Mark & Mary

Mark & Mary talk about getting married too young, opening up much later, and a mutual love of Cap'n Crunch!

". . . was this correctly signed, . . . and how can we build a tree of conflicting or true bill and law relationships. . ."

aQ (305) talks to the nation, US (246) about codifying self as testable, as in testament, and as epistemologically sound prose towards the benefit of said this->self.

Sara Trail and Emory Christian

Emory Christian talks with her niece, Sara Trail, about Juneteenth and her work as founder of the Social Justice Sewing Academy.

Suzy Banuelos & Rebecca Webster

Suzy & Rebecca both work for Providence Health in Napa California, but met because of their love of volunteer work they love to do in their community. One of those community outreach programs Providence works with is the Napa Resource...

Chad Ricks & Montserrat Archila

Chad shares with Montserrat the significance of Juneteenth and what it means to him. The importance knowing your personal and cultural history. Letting his spiritually help guide him when he faces challenges in his life.