Me and my Mom

My mom has been taught and teached me many lessons when something has happened

Memories of Larry K. Douglas

Stephanie Velte thinks back to memories of her dad, Larry Douglas, who worked as the Vice President of Promotion at Sony Records with a lot of very popular artists in the 80’s.

My Mom Remembers Her Parents

In this interview, my mom reflects on her life. She also reminisces on her father.


I interviewed my sister. She talks about what she is most proud of and Who has been a big influence in her life.

StoryCorps Interview With Dad

My dad talked about his life in America the present and reflected his journey from Vietnam.

Thanksgiving Listen

I this interview, my mom talks about her childhood and growing up in a large family in the middle of nowhere. She also goes in depth about lessons she learned from influences throughout her life.

Leonie Parrilla; A First Generation Immigrant

This is Leonie Parrilla, she is a 65 year old immigrant from the Philippines who has been living in the United States since she was 11 years old.

Childhood Memories

In this interview, I mainly asked my mother about how she grew up and what it was like. She told me about growing up in Mexico, as well as a short story involving a tarantula. She is the strongest person...