Jill Shah and Zina Shah

Jill Shah (18) speaks with her older sister (25) about her childhood and young adult experience as a first-generation Indian-American woman. Zina discusses her experience with growing up in a large family, the standards that she had to live up...

Childhood Differences

We discussed the differences of our memories in our childhood and our differences in thought.

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Skyler Blest and her husband Sean Paieda talk about life, memories, and fears of the future

In this interview, conducted in December 2020 in Newark, Delaware, Skyler Blest (22) interviews her husband Sean Paieda (22) about his childhood in the city they both call home. Mr. Paieda shares stories about his regrets and fears for the...

Reasons Why You Might Want To Refurbish Your Computer

You had this computer in the past, but as technology developed, you bought a new and better one and left the old one collecting dust at the corner. It has now become an eyesore, and you are thinking, “What am...

person of inspiration – chase mullin

chase talks about family to career to life lessons :)

Whats your purpose?

A heart to heart interview with the most important person in my life.


Interview with Grandpa Part One