Maxine Rockoff and Robin Sparkman

Maxine Rockoff (82) talks with her friend and StoryCorps CEO, Robin Sparkman (51), about her life and career. She recalls getting her PhD, working in biomedical computing, becoming a mother, and her accomplishment of wiring settlement houses in New York...

Alexander Graziani and LaVerne Diggs
September 16, 2020 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Alexander "Alex" Graziani (49) and La Verne Diggs [no age given] talk about the various places they've lived, the role of education in shaping communities, and the role of government in helping citizens.

Abby Roach and Seve Palacioz
September 9, 2020 OSS Hub

One Small Step partners Abby Roach (38) and Seve Palacioz (36) talk about protests, police and police training, cancel culture, and coming together.

Nadia Montoya and Regina Vindel

Nadia Montoya (47) habla con su amiga Regina Vindel (45) sobre su decisión de iniciar un negocio durante una pandemia. Ella comparte su pasión por aprender y hornear, su decisión de ser un modelo positivo para sus hijos y el...

Vincent Crisostomo, Ralph Leano Atanacio, and Richard Lew

Friends Ralph Atanacio (21), Richard "Steve" Lew (61), and Vincent Crisostomo (59) center their conversation around their QTAPI community in the Bay Area. The friends speak about the importance of intergenerational friendships within their community, Vince and Steve talk about...

Michael Callahan and Emily Callahan Thompson

Michael "Mike" Callahan (60) speaks with his daughter Emily Callahan Thompson (30) about his experiences in the US Army before the fall of the Iron Curtain, and later memories with the Coast Guard on rescue missions for the 1991 Perfect...

Kunal Patel and Dasia Clemons
August 26, 2020 OSS Hub

One Small Step partners Kunal Patel (29) and Dasia Clemons (24) talk about the Black Lives Matter protests and different ways to create effective social change in their conversation.

Stephanie Perron and Rory Caygill-Walsh

Rory Caygill-Walsh (42) and Stephanie Perron (41) describe each other as one another's "person." They talk about the support they've shown one another and discuss the meaning of loss and grief.

Robert Free and Stephen Crane

One Small Step participants Robert "Bob" Free (76) and Stephen Crane (69) discuss their diverse backgrounds, including Bob's experience in the Navy and Stephen's experience living, at one point, in a commune.