Part 2 Evelyn Cope Interviewing her Brother Ed Burkett

Part 2 of 2 My mother Evelyn Cope interviewing her brother Ed Burkett at his home in Pennsylvania

Jenny Rask Interview 4 with Father Gene Rask. My dad's Father's education and political views. Family life in Butte.

Jenny Rask: 2020-08-30 20:10:01 Jenny Rask (49) talks with father Gene Rask (88) about his own father's political views and how they developed. His father's personality and education. Advice his father gave him. His father's ambitions and work in Butte,...

If these were the last words…

Skyler is a very nice kid and still learning how to grow and the things in life. I recorded his response to everything.

George and Dale

George Schiller remembers growing up with his brother and best friend Dale.

Interview with brother

Interview with older brother on things like values and what he’s learned.

A Formal Conversation with my Little Brother

I asked him to tell me about himself. We then discussed different philosophical ideals about God, the reason for our existence and how our society works today.

Storycorps Practice Interview

I ask my brother a few questions from the prompts shown.

A Bit of Time With Erick

My brother and I enthrall the listeners with storycorp questions and a bit of slurred speech.

The Bros

we talked about somw of the things he is proud of and grateful for

Corona Virus

We basically talked about the corona virus and how bad it has gotten

From Mississippi to Michigan

Sarah speaks about her childhood and how her environment and upbringing helped her to face some of the most difficult moments in her life.

Aunt Wanda (sibling number #8)

My Aunt wanda had a few choice words for the tourists flooding Floridas beaches, Governor DeSantis and Donald Trump. When it comes to the virus she refuses to go down without a fight. Aunt Wanda has entered "Walking Dead Mode"...

Brothers Richard and Steven Walker test Storycorps Connect

On 2020-04-11 12:34 Brothers Steven and Richard Walker tested the Video Chat and audio recording platform. We wanted to see how this process worked. Would it be simple or complex. What controls are available to us?

Having a brother with Autism.

In this interview, I asked questions of Nicolas Faucette. Nicolas is a younger sibling of CJ who has Autism. We are being to see his insight of what it is like to be a sibling of a child with special...

My moms view

I got an inside view of what it was like for my mom to raise me. The frustrating times and the happy moments. We also talked about her childhood and her current job.

Interview with my brother: Orion Bloomfield

An interview we shared focusing on his memories of going to an amazing music school and his words for his child self

World War 2

We talked about his early childhood being on the Homefront, battles he remembered, and his thoughts about leaders and events.