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American Girl dolls

I interview my mom about American Girl dolls. It’s my first interview!

Rowan Brady and her mom talk about their lives and goals for the future in Highlands ranch, Colorado.

In this interview,conducted on May 2019 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Rowan Brady(13) interviews her mom(50) about her childhood, job and her goals for the future. Mrs. Brady shares stories about how her childhood differs from her life now. She also...

Interview with my daughter

I asked my daughter questions about growing up and some of her memories. She is 15. You can see her and her little sister Paige in the photo.


An interview with an extremely caring mother on her past, her daughter’s past, the influence of positivity, and a changing society.

Interview with my grandmother :)
November 28, 2018 App Interview

I talked to my grandmother about what it was like to grow up with all the responsibilities as a teenager, and what it is like to have very different views from her generation.

Megan and Dad ;))))):$$$$$

Megan Soto (@megan_soto on instagram, @megsofine on TikTok) interviews her father, David Soto, who dives deep down into his past and childhood. *emotional *not clickbait

Melina Heidt and Karen Heidt

Melina Heidt and her mother ,Karen Heidt, discuss her childhood on Thanksgiving.

A Talk with Mom

Talking to my mother about her childhood up to her life now, and all of the lessons that she learned along the way.

Rosemary Bayer and Erin Mack discuss memories from Erin’s childhood

For the first time ever, Erin and her mother, Rosemary, discuss their memories from Erin’s childhood. Erin’s words: “My mom is one of those rare, incredibly determined people that sees an injustice in the world and commits her entire self...

On Parents and Partnership

David recounts the odd circumstances of his childhood to his daughter, Laura, and they discuss the topics of parenthood and commitment.