Dona Austin

We discussed how my grandmothers childhood and experiences in her life have influenced her role as a very selfless person overall. She’s been a care taker as a nun, teacher, mother, wife, and volunteer in many programs.

Talia interviews Grandmom

My Grandmom tells me about lessons she has learned

Questions I have never asked my Grandma

I had an interview/Conversation with my Grandma on Thanksgiving, with the whole extended family in the other room (lots of background noise).

I hope that it is my physical body and not my mental body that takes me…

Lyndi Bahr interviews her grandmother, Barb Bach (77) and inquires about her lessons learned, her regrets and how she wishes to be remembered. Barb’s son (Doug) struggled with heavy addiction that wrecked a havoc on his life for many years....

Diane Edwards’ Story

Diane Edwards is a courageous woman, who always fights her battles with God by her side. She is a happy 82 year old woman, but her life wasn’t always this great. Raised in a single parent home, she ended up...