Oral History Interview with Mariam Grigoryan for History 111

Discussing feminism and what it takes to be a woman within your culture and the world.

Oral History Interview with Najia Mansoori for History 111

The main thing we talked about was her family’s history and how their past made her the person she is today.

Oral History Interview with Jamie Garcia for History 111

Went a little in depth into Jamie’s history and how growing was tough but you can never lose hope when you have someone to look up to.

Differences between the life of a woman in the USA and the life of a woman in pos-Soviet Union countries.

What is feminism in our view. How the life of a woman in the USA differs from the life of a woman in post-Soviet Union countries. Also, about great changes in our life.

Oral History Interview with Araxi Penerjian for History 111

This interview was conducted with Araxi Penerjian, discussing her life, and opinions on the changes that have occurred throughout time.

Oral History Interview with Isabella Bazler for History 111

I talked with Isabella Bazler about fun memories, important women in our lives and in the past, her accomplishments, gender norms, and history.

Oral History interview with Jennifer Grafius for History 111

An interview with Jeniffer Grafius about her life before becoming a mother. Along with more information about her life now and how it has changed.

Oral History Interview with Susan Skodje for History 111

My grandma is someone I look up to for her strength, courage, and ability to overcome any obstacles that get in the way of her dreams. This is an interview about feminism, women, and strength.