I Believe in my future.

This interview is about Marcos experience in the Navy & what event happened that changed his life forever.


The experience about the hurricane

Irma & Maria

This interview was to share people feels on how they went through two category 5 hurricane.

Hurricane Iris

My grandma and more family was eight in the path of a massive hurricane. And suddenly it turned just in time.

Hurricanes with Krissy Ricard

In this interview I will be talking about hurricane with Krissy Ricard

Extreme Weather
November 8, 2017 App Interview

Chayse Levy interviewed her grandma Eileen glass ,who lives in Florida about how hurricanes impact her life , and how she prepares for them.

Hurricane Fran

A neighbor talks about her experience during hurricane Fran.

Malik’s interview

Global warming and hurricanes and how they effected toms jobs