Interview with Virginia Louise Bock

Part one of an interview with Virginia Bock, whole in hospice care.

univ 201 family interview assignment

I interviewed my mom, Kathy. This is my family interview for my univ 201 assignment.

Interview with my dad

Interviewing my dad about his life and experiences. He tells me about the important people in his life, lessons he has learned in life, and much more.

Self interview

A summary of my life so far .

Self interview

A summary of memories of my life so far.

The learnings of life

I talk with my dad about his life and what he’s gone through


We talked about how her life was growing up.

English interview

This is abby wyckhouse being interviewed by alexa yonikus on 9/30/2019.

English 11

Talked about life and the values it holds. Also Rebecca’s kids and what her future holds

classmate interview

it was about anthony ausmus’ life

Living and learning with Evan

Brief talk about how my brother changed our families life and my mom’s expiriences.

Kaitlyn and Salim hannif: talk about his life

Me and salim talked about his child hood and how it shaped him into who he is . We talked about tv shows and happy childhood memories. Along with that we also talked to his future self.

who life can change

a nurse in a school talks about her life and how where she is from is different from our life

Interviewing Amaiya Buck

Interviewing Amaiya about her life experiences